ON AUGUST 13, 1972 AT 11:24 AM


“My beloved children, as I stood at the foot of the Cross, watching the Agony of My Son, I knew the Purpose was One.  I also knew that I had to stand and remain with Him until all was done.  So it is when a child is chosen to walk a particular path. The child must remain until the last, bearing all burden, standing firm on Truth, succumbing totally to God’s Will.

I, your Mother, speak, and I hold her in firmness and I touch her cheek with My Hand, for the direction she must walk is up to the top where The Holy Trinity must be seen.  Each step of the way, Each Word that is given is from Here, and sometimes it is difficult for other men to understand the Message conveyed.  I return to the Cross in a different way in your day, for when a child is chosen to walk a hazardous path, a request from The Father to stand to the last, I cannot always help, I cannot always stop the blows, but I stand by to encourage the child who knows the path must be completed.

Oh, My children, The Beloved Saint Joseph must become known throughout the world.  It is God’s Will it be so.  This Great Place must be done to show the world they must come to pay Honor to Him and to learn true Bible History.  I walked in the Biblical Way.  I walked in the time, Biblical.  I was Part of the Plan, I was Part of the Way.  And now again, in your day, I walk on the ground, unseen by man, to see this time, that God’s Will be done.

I would speak much to each of you, but for the moment all I can say, ‘You must receive God each day, and you must carry with you each moment of the day the Beads I love.  Processions must begin in Honor of Him.  The Rosary must be said, for the Power in these Beads is one alone.’

I embrace you, My children.  I hand you My skirt to hold onto as I walk up the Hill to see that all things are done.  Be blessed by the Light, be blessed by the Truth, be blessed by His Love for you.  So be it.”

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