ON AUGUST 16, 1972 AT 11:44 AM


“As this child stands before you, it appears that it is she who is delivering to you the Wisdom, the Knowledge, the Way.  Not so.  All Heaven is with this child twenty-four hours in your day, in your way.  The Beloved Miracle Of Saint Joseph is far beyond any man’s scope, any man’s knowledge, any man’s design, any man’s thinking, any man’s way.  This Great Hill of Hope is Hope in many ways.  It is Truth in all things, and it is Direction to The Divine King.

Ask yourselves, My little ones, did you awaken on this day and think of God first in every way, or did you decide to accomplish all the things close at hand to you, things that could have been done later in the day, later in another way?  The Father waited on the Altar for you to come and kneel, for you to come and say: ‘I love You, God.  Help me today.’

There are children all over the world who only think of The Father in times of distress, in times of delay, in times of weariness.  You, My children, must begin to accept Him, to love Him, to want Him every moment of every day.  It is not difficult to love Him, for you see, He gave you the way.

There are so many children shouting to others, ‘Be kind,’ and they themselves are not prudent all the time.  There are some children saying, ‘I want acclaim,’ and then they say, ‘Humility is my aim.’

Oh, My children, kneel before The Holy Trinity each day, where the Presence is secure in the Tabernacle way.  Beg The Father for forgiveness, beg Him to hold your hand, beg Him to understand your little way, and as you do, you will grow so in love with Him that what other people do to you will not cause you to sin.

There are many sins man forgets.  One is distrust, one is anger, one is envy, one is hate, one is pride, one is bad example all the time.

Through Stories, through History, you have been taught the Mercy of God, the Beauty He Is and the Magnitude in Which He stands, the Power that is all His, and yet, in your little way, you lean on man.  My children, if you were to be placed in a closed cubicle with man, and all things sealed so no exit could be made, ask yourself on this day:  How long could the other man sustain you in any way?  Not long, for he, too, would be fighting for his life.  He, too, would be fighting to get out.  He, too, would be fighting to gain your strength from you.  And yet, if you were placed in the same cubicle with God, there would be no worry for you.

And this is what happens each day when you walk to the railing and say: ‘I love You, God.  I want only Your Company today.’ And when He enters into your little weak being, think of it as a cubicle.  Think of it as the Oneness with Him, and know that the Strength He Is will sustain you through all things.  To be in a cubicle with God, to be in a Oneness with Him, is the Greatest Gift He can give you, the Greatest Love He can show you, the Greatest Strength you can have.  Desire this cubicle with Him, and remember this, My children, in this place you have the greatest freedom in the world — loving Him.  So be it.”

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