ON AUGUST 16, 1972 AT 11:55 AM


“There are so many children who place all emphasis on social graces.  They are most concerned with the attitude of others, the display of attention of others, the exactness of others according to man’s way, man’s rule, in everything they do.  Man teaches graces to others, and he desires those around him to be gracious, to have grace.  This is good.  This is not wrong; but along with this desire for social grace, man must be aware of Spiritual Grace and the Magnitude of It, the necessity for It, the Beauty in It, and the Perfection that It brings man to — Sainthood.

I speak firm on this day, My children, in a special way.  Perhaps My voice rings with the sound unknown to you, but I am Saint Therese, known as ‘The Little Flower’, and I come today to teach you the Beauty of Grace, the Beauty of life, the Beauty that is your right.

As I stand in a manner with this child, I stand in a manner you cannot know, but I walk with you on the Hill of Hope and I enjoy the visual sight.  And I can hear you now exclaiming at a bush, especially if the bush bears a beautiful color, whether it be flower or fruit.  It is a joy to see such things.  And if you were to gather them, socially, you would offer them to Me first.  Is this not so?  You would not indulge yourself alone, for you would feel the need to share with Me each one, or one alone.  And now through This Great Miracle of Hope, All Heaven comes to share Spiritual Grace with every child who has been born to the world.

I bless you with The Father’s Love and I bless you with Grace.  I bless you with the desire to one day come to this Beautiful Place.  So be it.”

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