ON AUGUST 23, 1972 AT 10:55 AM


“Of late, I have spoken much through this child; God’s Will I do this.  I am Saint Bonaventure.  Nowhere in the world are teachings going on such as This, is there so much Love being shown by submission of will, by obedience to God’s Will.

There is much to be taught to the young in age.  There is much to be taught to the children of more years.  There is much to be given in way of service, for you see, the age and the time in which you live is far worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, or any place of great sin that was, that is.

You live in a time where man says: ‘Let all things be physical; this I understand.  Let the knowledge of my mind lead me and other men.  Let the goal that I have set give me acclaim, and let the purpose of my life be totally physical aim.’

The evil one has put forth upon the earth many, many temptations, all physical, for you see, he knows that man is weak where the physical is, and he says to men, ‘Follow in the physical way, for you see, all pleasure will be yours.’

My children, I speak in a simple form through this child, and I say: ‘Guard your Soul, for It is God’s Love for you.  Help your Soul glow God’s Way.  All the actions you do mark the Soul in a special way.’

Man has forgotten the Beauty of God’s Reward, which is Grace.  Man says: ‘I do not understand Grace, so I do not strive for It.  I see physical way, so this I understand.’ And yet it is Grace that will give you the Greatest Reward man can have:  Eternity with The Father, Sainthood with Him, Eternity in Love at the Sight of Him.

Man says, ‘I want a Crown.’ God says, ‘I offer you a Crown.’ The Crown is not a crown as man knows one to be.  The Crown is the Sight of The Holy Trinity.  It would be a useless thing for men to walk around Heaven wearing crowns depicting their degree, but man is picturing it on the level of understanding.  And now God comes to the world through a child such as you, telling you that the True Crown is to see Him.

I bless you with Love and Understanding, and I say, ‘Let the Crown you are looking for be begun today.’  So be it.”

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