ON SEPTEMBER 10, 1972 AT 10:50 AM


“Man says, ‘I want a cure.’ God says, ‘I cure you in My Time.’ Even His Own Son asked for the chalice to be passed from Him, and yet God’s Reasoning, God’s Goal, God’s Love was so Ultimate.  And it is with you and for you, as it was with The Son, God’s Grace will sustain you in all things.  Turn to Him.  Don’t run.  Place all that you are within His Being, within His Hands, and you will feel the strength, not as you expect it to be, but as He knows you can handle it, and I, Saint Augustine, give you This Advice.

Let no man interfere with your going to God in a simple way, a loving way.  Do not look for big signs, for sometimes a great sign could distract you, disturb you, and lead you the other way.  Picture yourself as a small child in God’s Way, and He gives to you little favors that He knows will please you, help you, for you see, if He were to hand you great big things, your physical, your emotional, your surroundings, could not handle these things.  I give an open question to you, My little ones, ‘Do you understand What I have said to each of thee?’

Man says, ‘I do not want to eat dirt.  I want what goes into me to be clean.’ God says: ‘Purify all things, My Way, so that you will spend Eternity with Me.  Man does not feel a necessity for pure thoughts, and yet this will bring you Here with Me.’ Man says, ‘I cannot control my thoughts.’ This is not so.  With your will you can control your thoughts.  With your will you can control your senses.  Will to love God so much that the weak part of yourself will be so inferior to your love for Him.  This is how it is done by every man who lives in the physical.

I ask you again, ‘Do you understand?’ Those of you who say, ‘I do not,’ are using your will for excuse; those of you who say, ‘I understand, Saint Augustine.  Help me the way God planned.’

I bless you with God’s Love.  I bless you with the Desire for purity.  I bless you with Truth.  All the Words spoken thus far, through this child to you, were from Me, by Me, with God’s Power, under God’s tree.  So be it.”

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