ON SEPTEMBER 17, 1972 AT 10:48 AM


“There are many, many things that This Miracle is teaching, and as I speak through this child it appears as she is speaking.  Not so, My children, for you see, this little one could not come up with the Wisdom or teach the Wisdom that has been given to thee.  I am Saint John Bosco.  There are some here who are devoted to My way, devoted to how I was.  Many men stand bearing My Name, saying: ‘He is my Saint.  I am His son.’

I come through this child with a Love on this day you cannot know, you cannot equal in any way, for the Love I come with and come in, is God’s Love for men.  It is true that All Things that are spoken through this child are to guide mankind to Sainthood.

Man no longer thinks of the time when the physical ends.  He is too busy deciding to enjoy the physical, which he says is God’s Plan.  My children, I stand Here in the Heavens and I say to you on this day on God’s Soil: ‘Obey His Rules.  Do not look totally to the flesh but use the flesh in service to God, doing only His Will.’

As the child’s eyes pass over you, on you, through you, they are My Eyes to help you, for through her sight in a physical way, the Heavens speak in a giving way.  Children are not being taught self-discipline, they are not being taught to sift truth from untruth.

Oh, My children, I, Saint John, speak to you on God’s Land and in His Way and I say, ‘You are privileged to hear Heavenly Words today.’ Be blessed by My Hand, be blessed by My Way and follow Truth every day.  So be it.”

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