ON SEPTEMBER 17, 1972 AT 10:52 AM


“My beloved children, I stood in great sin.  I now stand with God, sometimes very close to Him.  I knew, at a particular time in my life that I had been touched by Divine Light.  I am Mary Magdalene.

There are so many things children are to learn through This Miracle of Hope, This Miracle of Love.  I speak openly through this child and I say, ‘If every man would make purity his goal every day, there would be so Many Saints walking the earth that all beauty would reign, all love would be shown, all truth would be given.’

You see, My children, man does not strive for purity; he waits.  He associates purity with things that he eats, that he sees, but he does not associate purity with his Soul, with his way, with his will, every day.  Through This Miracle of Hope, of Truth, The Father is telling you to seek purity, and when sin comes your way, say to Him,

‘God, help me be pure, help my thoughts, help my sight, help my walk be only for You.’

I walked the path of impurity and I could make excuses for many times, but I say to you now, ‘There is no real excuse for impurity, for you see, you can hold on to God’s Love all the time.’ Be sure that each day you keep before you The Commandments He gave.  These will give you purity, These will give you strength, These will give you love, These will give hope, and These will make you a Saint.

I bless you with God’s Love and with The Heart that helped me realize that purity had to be.  I bless you with Light, for through this Light you will see God’s Will for each of thee.  So be it.”

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