ON SEPTEMBER 20, 1972 AT 10:45 AM


“My beloved children, to many I was known as a warrior.  To all I am now known as a Saint. The child walks somewhat like I did, and yet, like Others also did.  I am Saint Joan of Arc.

There are many, many armies to be led.  There are many, many Words to be given.  There are many, many, many Souls to be saved.  There are many, many children to learn the Truth.  There are many, many children to see God As He Truly Is.

There are many heresies to be stopped, to be wiped out, to be cleared up.  You stand in the middle of one who has taken, which has taken great hold.  Men are turning to it because in it they feel bold, they feel false strength, false power, emotionalism; and this is not God’s Way.  For when it is Truth it is God’s; it is not self-involvement like heresy does say.

God does not hand out power to men, to heal, to cure, in a great way.  Man could not handle such power, man would go astray.  Man would become prideful, egotistical, and burn with a zeal that would only lead him the enemy’s way.  When the Power is Truth, the Way is Right, the Gift is Light, the Words are Wisdom, They are controlled by The Father at all times.  It is not up to the child to say, ‘Now, God,’ but up to God to say, ‘Now, child.’

You walk in what man calls ‘Pentecostalism’.  It is the main heresy of your day.  Watch out for it, be cautious of it, do not participate in it; fight against it, see the untruth it is, see the selfishness that it portrays, and do not accept it.  It is not God’s Way.

I say this to you through a child such as you, for The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph has been put upon the earth to fight this heresy, plus many other things in your day.  A Time has been chosen by The Father for This Great Saint to become known throughout the world.  All colors, all races, all creeds, must be within the circle of This Great Miracle.  No man is to feel left out or to be put out because of his heritage, his background, his way.  No man is to seek entrance unless he loves God first.

I bless you from Heaven Where I am.  I bless you with Truth, I bless you with a Love you do not know, and I bless you with the Light of the Wisdom that shows.  So be it.”

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