ON SEPTEMBER 27, 1972 AT 10:59 AM



There’s a great — it’s like a frame.  It’s white, but it has a cathedral top on it and it comes down ever so gently, and it is of a magnificent size, not in footage but in yards.  Oh my! At the top there are three crosses.  The one at the center, at the top where the dome would be, is a tremendous cross, larger than you and I could ever see.  The ones on the sides:  one is white, one is black; the black one is not totally black but gray.  Now the other one is turning lighter.  Oh my!

Our Lord is speaking above the Crucifix and He said: “I have prepared a frame, an altar, the way, and through this door which you see at the frame, I want each of you to walk one day, growing in Grace, growing in love for The Holy Trinity.

At Her Own Wish, because of Her Love for each of you, The Heavenly Mother will speak to you from Heaven Where She always is.”

Oh, my God! Our Lady is in the entrance.  She’s smiling.  She’s glowing.  There’s a child in Her Arms.


“The innocence of this child is as yours was when you entered the physical world, and as this child tugs at Me and moves around, it is the will of the child who really, truly performs.  At the moment of conception, your will is given by God for all things from then on.  It is through this great Gift, privilege, power, that each child born to the world has the strength to do God’s Will.

It is sadness Here in the Heavens when a child misuses this will, misdirects it, and does not give it the correct direction, directing it to the Great Purpose of the physical life, which is Sainthood.

This child who stands before you was also born into the world as this, as you.  I ask you now, ‘How much of your will is for self-satisfaction, self-involvement, self-acclaim, self-development, or do you practice self-discipline, only to do God’s Will, His Way?’ I, your Heavenly Mother, come through this child today to alert you to the beauty of modesty, the great need for obedience, and the purpose of self-discipline.

The child through whom I speak, has just asked Me about a particular child standing with thee, because she is aware of the child’s pride and ego, and she knows that it will be this part of the child that will rob the child of spending Eternity Here with Me.  Through this child I say, ‘Worldly acclaim, worldly desires have no aim.’ All children are being taught through This Miracle of Love, Truth, Hope, Wisdom, to sift from themselves weaknesses and to stand solely in strength.

The innocence that this child is, this one in My Arms, can grow to such a purity that the child could walk the earth with but one stain, the original one, and yet all children feel this is not the way, that they must participate in the weakness all around and in the world in every way.  I, your Mother, say to you, ‘You rob yourselves of Grace, Glory, Truth.’

And now, in the Vision of this child, the baby will disappear and only I will be with you.

For hundreds of years children have prayed to The Father to send a Miracle of Love, of True Teaching, so that they would know what The Father expected, so they would grow totally in His Way, all the way.  He Decreed This Time to be, and it was His Decision that The Beloved Saint Joseph, Who was My earthly Spouse, be The Bearer, The Holder, The Messenger, The Light that would show in This Great Miracle.  There are so many things that have been taught, have been given, through His Intercession to The Father through This Great Miracle.

I hold the child firmly, securely, and if she had her way, she would come with Me right now, but she has been given this choice before and the results were the same as now.  The Light around her, from her, is her desire to do God’s Will alone.

I once stood at the foot of the Cross and I looked into the Eyes of My Son, Who did no one harm, but only gave Truth to every one born.  Man looks back upon this as History.  Man does not realize the Agony that was there, for man, in his self-love, protects himself.  But the Light of the world is not just the sun and the moon, but the Light of the world is Wisdom, Truth, Sacrifice.  The Light of the world is devoting one’s will to God.

This child who stands before you was forced to stand in sight, in view one time, of desecration to The Father.  I cannot help but wonder if you, My children, would have reacted so violently, so vehemently, if you had partaken, if you had seen.  Do not stand in judgment of what you feel is just a physical scene, but beg The Father, as the one thief did, to come to Eternity with Him.

I, your Heavenly Mother, now take this child to My little ones while you pray to Me.  There are so many things to be done, and I ask each child here now to leave this Holy Ground and think about What was said.  And then, if you have decision to make, do not discuss it here, but wait until you have a strong desire that if you partake in The Father’s Will upon this Hill, you see it to completion and you will obey His Rules.

I close the Vision to the child and I bless you with My Love, and above your heads I hold the Beads of Truth, the Beads of Power, the Beads that even We say Here Above.  So be it.”

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