ON SEPTEMBER 29, 1972 AT 8:04 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Hilary.  Many children present here have heard My Name but they have never prayed to Me in a Special Reign.  And now on this night, I make you aware of My way.  I also make you aware that you must come This Way one day.  I also give to each man present here before this child, the desire to be a Saint.  The daughters, I say, ‘You must follow purity, modesty, in every way, so you also will become a Saint.’

And now, I join the children in every way and I say, ‘I come from the Heavens Where I stay like All The Other Saints.’ Do not try to anticipate what We look like, what We are, how We are in existence, but follow the way that We walked:  loving God, serving Him, desiring to do only things for Him.

As I bless you I say, ‘Another comes your way and you must, in your little way, accept the Truth; for in the Truth you will become stronger, you will find humility, and yes, you will see the Light of Our Way.’  So be it.”

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