ON OCTOBER 7, 1972 AT 2:26 PM


“My beloved daughters, My beloved sons, I am Saint Bernadette.  There is one here who bears My Name, who is special to Me, for this child will walk a path of love for God in many ways.  There is another child here who has sought My way, and I say to this child, ‘Do not delay in wanting to serve God in a special way.’

No child has ever been asked to walk the world as this one has, and through her, All of Heaven speaks to give you direct, God’s Way.  My children, the time in which you live is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Know this.

There is great need for children to love God above all things.  There is great need for children to return to The Holy Eucharist and know that It is not a symbol, but truly He Who Is.  Each day, He stands upon the Altar.  Each day, He waits for every child to come to Him.  Each day, He pleads with many Souls to respond to Him.  And I, Saint Bernadette, speak to you from the Realm of Heaven and I say, ‘Do not let race, color, creed, age, keep you away from Here.’

As This Miracle has been set forth in your midst, do not be foolish and deny It, but follow the Wisdom in It.  Look for strength in God alone, not man.  Look for love, God’s Way, and desire to serve Him each day.

I, Saint Bernadette, bless you with a Love you cannot know, in a Way you cannot see, but with Truth that is ultimate for each of thee.  So be it.”

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