ON OCTOBER 11, 1972 AT 10:42 AM



I will explain to you what I see.  The naturalness of This Miracle God allows, for you see, when Heaven is dealing with so many children, of so many physical degrees, Heaven does things so the children will be able to accept and will be able to stand the Beauty, the Magnitude of The Divinity.  And as I see, I explain to you.

There are so Many Saints standing — it appears to be around a pillar, but it is not a pillar.  It is so high and so large.  It’s a form, not a pillar at all; and now it is diminishing in size and it’s coming down to where The Saints are.


“If the world were to see the Vision I have just allowed the child to see, man could not stand the Magnitude, for you see, the Vision was the Power of The Holy Trinity.  Men ask for signs; God says, ‘Love.’ Man says, ‘Show me,’ and God says, ‘You could not stand the Visions I could send to thee, so in My Love, I present all things with simplicity.’

Oh, My children, I, Saint Anne, have been requested by The Father to speak to every man, through this child born to the world, such as thee.  The whole world is discussing This Great Miracle and many men are now kneeling, begging The Father for It to be real.  It is now as it was a long time ago:  the Wise Men, the shepherds and others felt hope when they heard of ‘the coming’.  They felt such great love that they had to go and respond.  So it will be with This Miracle, all around.  The children in those days are not different than the children in your day.  They had to eat, they had to sleep, they had to work, they had to pray, they had to hope, they had to serve.  The simplicity of life in the physical way has not changed, nor has The Father in any way.

I speak simply through this child and I hand you, direct, a Teaching in a general way.  Before This Great Miracle in the world, man did not refer to Me as I desired it to be, for the Affection and the Love that I feel when a child seeks Me out, calling Me, ‘Oh Heavenly Grandmother, help me,’ are Words I introduced to the world.  These Words are simple, and yet, in Them is a strength to the child; with Them, the Wisdom of Faith; through Them, My Heart is reached and I cannot help but respond to them.

The Vision depicted the Humility of The Holy Trinity, for the child saw a great size, circle, of something she could not mention.  And suddenly The Father’s Love brought down to size, a Vision understandable to the eyes; and this, My children, is how The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is for the whole world.

Countless Saints have spoken through this child, always in a manner, in a way that everyone could understand:  simple, and yet profound; loving, and yet giving; teaching humility, and asking all children to strip themselves of pride, for pride is a weakness beyond your knowledge; it feeds only the physical side.

I have spoken to each child present here and to two, especially.  One child did not expect My Name to be mentioned, but nonetheless, I want him to turn to Me in doubt.  I want him to turn to Me in love.  I want him to turn to Me in solid truth.

Another desires, Another has been requested to speak through this child.  He walked the earth as you, and He, too, has spoken many times through her, giving Hope, giving Light, teaching What is right.

I bless you, My little ones, in a Grandmother’s way, for I will never refuse you Love in any way.  So be it.”

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