ON OCTOBER 11, 1972 AT 11:04 AM


“My beloved children, I, too, am One of The Saints in the Circle the child has seen, and I say to you, ‘What has happened to Honor to The Blessed Holy Queen?’ So many ‘Men of God’ are destroying this Great Honor, for you see, it is an Honor for children to be able to pray to Her.

The Rosary, beloved by All Here, must be said throughout the world.  Children must cling to the Beads, for they have a Power all their own, and as the beloved Holy Rosary is spoken upon the earth, Angels Here join in, and Others of Us also, for these Beads say ‘Hail’ to The Queen; these Beads say ‘I believe’, and these Beads say ‘Our Father, Who art in Heaven’; they pay Homage to Him.  So the Beads of Her Way must be lighted throughout the world, and yes, let the Light truly begin on His Hill, for Her.

I am a Saint you have heard little of.  I am Saint Peregrine.  So be it.”

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