ON OCTOBER 11, 1972 AT 12:01 PM


“In the struggle to love man and to serve man, to be with man, a child forgets to hang on to the Hand of God alone.  And this is one of the reasons The Miracle Of Saint Joseph has been given to the world, to teach man to once again hold onto God’s Hand.  And I, Saint Philip, tell you so.

If this child were to stand on the top of the tree and the Words were the same coming from Me, would you better believe Them, would you better understand Them, would you better know Them, would you better follow Them, than in the manner They were given today:  direct, simple, quietly?

There are so many facets to This Great Miracle, so many things to become known, so many ways to be followed to the Divine Throne.  The Rules are to be learned and to be followed, to be taught, to be heard, to be seen.  And I, Saint Philip, say to the world: ‘Do it first for The Holy King.  Let it be seen in your home, in the place where you live, The Commandments of The Father, so children will learn to give every breath that they take, every move that they make, every step shown.’ Let obedience first be to those, from those, in those in charge, so others will follow to the Divine Path.

Men are seeking God and at the same time they are desecrating all things He gave.  Men are acknowledging His Truths and yet, in the physical way, are setting them aside for worldly acclaim.  Right at this moment, many men are saying, ‘The Words are too simple, the child too human; it cannot be.’ And I, Saint Philip, say to each of thee: ‘Who was It they crucified?  Who was It that hung on the cut tree?  Who was It that freed each of thee?  A Man Who stood in greatness?  A Man Who stood shouting all the time?  Or, a Man Who walked in humility, in agony, speaking Truth, being Example, serving God, and teaching love of Him?’

A long time ago, those who walked this path were stoned.  They were called names.  And now They stand Here in the Heavens Where I am, knowing it was the only way.

Another will speak, Another with Love, Another in Truth, from Above.  So be it.”

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