ON OCTOBER 20, 1972 AT 7:51 PM


“I am a Saint from Whom little has been said, little has been heard, and few children are aware of.  I walked the earth in a quiet manner.  I walked solely to love God, to serve God and to one day be a Saint.  My Name is not renowned nor is My way.  I am a Saint few children know about today.  My Name has been repeated, but always in connection with Another Who walked the physical way, for you see, Many of Us Here in the Heavens bore the same name as We walked upon the earth; and yet, there are Some of Us you are aware of, Some of Us you pray to, to intercede to God, because you feel this Saint can first let Him know and then He will listen better to you.  Is this not so?  My children, I am not the George you know, I am the George you do not know.  I am Saint George.

Many men are curious about the Heavens and what the Heavens really mean, what the Heavens will really give to them.  I speak slowly through this child for I want you to know:  First, Heaven is All Love.  Next, Heaven is All Beauty.  Next, Heaven is All Service.  Next, Heaven is learning to do God’s Will to the fullest.  Next, Heaven is serving in such a way that you do all things to draw Souls Heaven’s Way.  There is peace, tranquillity and security.  Keep in mind, My children, God wants you in Heaven with Him, and you must desire to want to be There with Him.

The Power that is transmitted through this child is One Alone.  There are many men walking the earth now, trying desperately to instill within themselves a power of communication, a power to relate firsthand, and the greatest thing they can do is accept the Will of God for them and pray that they will learn to do His Will every day.

I leave you now for Other Saints to come.  This Miracle is but One.  It is similar to the time The Son walked the earth.  It has many parallels to that time.  No man in the physical form could do This.  No man in the physical way could design It, and I, from the Heavens say, ‘Only a fool would walk away.’

I must add before I leave, a parallel for you to understand.  It is now as it was then, in that, when The Son of God walked the earth and it was announced to others He was coming to speak, to teach, He did not carry a book.  He carried Love for The Father, He walked in It all the way, and He gave every moment so that others could learn to love and pray.  Sometimes the crowds that gathered around Him were small, and yet, down in the temple of another place, great crowds gathered where others taught.  And so it is in the time in which you live, the parallel is obvious to you.  Thank God for it.

I can bless you with His Power for I truly am a Saint.  I can bless you with Hope for this is what He gives to help you be a Saint.  I can bless you with Trust, for through it you will learn obedience; and I can bless you with My Love, for you see, I, too, want you Here with The Holy Trinity.  So be it.”

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