ON NOVEMBER 3, 1972 AT 7:58 PM


“At no time has it been the child speaking, and yet men will mock What she did say.  Men will try to differ with It, in many ways; but I put It as simply as I could, for you see, you must begin to understand that the words that flow through you must be example for every man.  Ask help when you begin to speak.  Ask God to hold your hand.  You will not have the Type of Thing this child does have, for preparation much is at hand, but through being conscious of the physical way, you will begin to choose your words in all things you do say.

Many children pray to Me and they say, ‘Oh, Saint Jude, I know the gift, the responsibility I ask may sound foolish to You, and I know, to man, it would be an impossible thing, but please, Saint Jude, give it to me.’

Oh, My children, never is a prayer said or acted out that We do not hear it.  And sometimes, when a child whispers in fear, in love, this prayer is heard the loudest, for you see, it is received with Love you cannot understand.

I, Saint Jude, was One of the Ones a long time ago that said through this child, ‘No coward will build the Hill.’ And in her fear she shouted back to Me and said, ‘Don’t let me alone, I will fall.’ And I said to her, ‘The only comfort you can ever have in the world is God’s Love, and you will be alone.’

Man would have designed This Miracle differently.  Man would have designed This Miracle for this child to be constantly cradled with God’s Love, Favor; but, keep in mind that The Only Son of God had to suffer for mankind.  So why do you question how He would again act?

Ask yourselves, My children, on this night:  Do you understand what each day is for?  Do you understand what the physical is for?  Have you ever said to God, ‘Why did You let me be born?’ Few children go through life not saying it once or twice.  Have you ever said to God, ‘I want to live to be very old; I fear the physical death’?  Have you ever said to God, ‘I can’t make it alone; I fear too much of the past’?  Have you ever mentioned to The Father that you loved Him above all things?  Have you ever suggested to Him that with your will you want to do only His?

Oh, My children, at this moment, close to you, far from you and away across the world, children are praying to Me now, saying, ‘Oh, Jude, perform this act, help me to know what is best.’ Do not be so smug in your human way, and do not let other men say that We, Who stand Here in the Heavens, cannot use the Words your way, for if We did not, you would not know how We truly mean some of Them, for as We use Them, it is to make your Soul glow.

This child who stands before you, stands in obedience and trust.  I, Saint Jude, offer to each of you on this night, to trade places with her if you must.  You would have to go through a period of preparation foreign to you, not what you would design, but one designed by God.  Would you take the chance?  Would you subject your total self?  You may say, ‘Yes,’ but keep in mind, God knows you.

This Miracle of Hope is not a trick for man.  It is to give man strength to hold God’s Hand.  If, at this moment, every child in the presence here now were to face a tightrope crossing an abyss — you had to walk it, for if you did not a terrible thing would happen — what would you choose to hold you up?  An umbrella of your day?  A parachute?  A rope?  A chain?  Or would you say, ‘I will chance it, my way’?  A wise man would say, ‘I want God’s Hand all the way and I know I will not fall.’

On the morrow, when you awake, keep this in mind for your Soul’s sake.  Each day, in many ways, is a tightrope.  Be wise, My children.  I, Saint Jude, say, ‘Hold God’s Hand each day.’  So be it.”

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