ON DECEMBER 3, 1972 AT 1:47 PM


“The Miracle is so personal that there is no child in the world who could design It or stand It, unless they were truly given to The Holy Trinity.  It is not just dedication.  It is not just a giving of a will.  It is a total submission, total subservience to Divine Will.  And I, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, say, ‘Each of you present here today, see the Light, see the Wisdom, see the Truth in what the child does say.’

Do not let stubbornness help you walk away.  Do not let weakness ease your way, and do not let the words of others cause you to stray, for each of you are fully aware of Someone Greater than you.  And I, Saint Alphonsus say: ‘Tell the children of the Holy Way.  Tell them it is necessary for them to pray.  Tell them to not be concerned over what others say, but to devote themselves to The Father in every way.’

Be blessed, My children, by This Great Miracle of Hope, by This Great Miracle of Truth, and as you are, say to The Father, ‘Teach me, oh, how to love You,’ for as you do this, My little ones, you will grow in humility, piety, purity, modesty, obedience and trust.  And be sure that when you walk the human way, the physical way, know it is a privilege from God Himself, for only He could have created you; only He would have created you, and only He will stand by you when all things are against you.

Do not look always to the dark side, but look to the beauty of Light.  It is not always a light as you know light to be.  Many times it is Wisdom, for you see, this is how The Son did teach when He walked the land for you and me.

I bless you with The Father’s Love.  I bless you with Hope and I say, ‘You are privileged to walk the human way, and you are again privileged to stand on this Great Hill that God has put into the world for your day.’  So be it.”

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