ON DECEMBER 17, 1972 AT 2:06 PM



“My beloved children, I will speak softly through the child, for the weariness she has is much.  I, Saint Michael, prepare her now and prepare the way for you in a Vision no man could touch.  As the child seeks out the Vision with the Eyes of her Soul, I will explain to each of you here the Importance of such.”


Oh my! There is a Figure in the middle of the ravine, high.  The only way I can explain it is, if you have ever flown twenty-eight thousand feet, you will know what I mean.  From this Figure Rays are shooting out in all directions, and all I see is a Light from which the Rays come.  It is The Father.  The Light is so bright, it would blind the physical.

“I, Saint Michael, do not allow the child to fall to her knees, for you would not be the spectators of how such a Ray of Light could burn the physical eyes, and I want you to see. The child is held steadfast and does not wish to speak, for the Light is One of Beauty no man could ever see.  The Power she is held in does not cause an ecstasy that takes her from you, for you see, The Father’s Words must reach each of thee.

As the child’s eyes burn with the Light, the water has to be (Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, my!)1 until the child’s eyes become accustomed.  You see, My children, man is under the wrong impression:  the Power of The Father cannot be handled by man as man thinks It could be.  Even now, It has been diminished to such a small degree, for the child could not stand the Magnitude of It.

I leave, for The Father will speak with Words no man could say, with Wisdom in this way.”

2:12 P.M.


“It is not My Voice you hear, only My Words, My Direction, My Way.  It is different than it was in Moses’ day.  The Light is for all men — all races, all colors, all creeds, and the Power with which I speak is Mine, in the Heavens Where I be.  This obedient child through whom I speak, is one that does many things for Me.  When I said to her, ‘This ground is Mine, I want it returned to Me for mankind,’ the child was obedient and said to others, ‘It must be.’

The world must know of this Great Place, and men must begin to bend their will to Me.  I have prepared this child well, to face all men so that millions of My children would not go to Hell.  Many times through History, I have given men Special Times.  This is One from The Divine.  I, your Father, say to you, ‘I want all things done upon this Hill in My Name, for My Purpose, according to My Will.’

A long time ago, when I created man, there were no men there to take down the immediate action, so it was passed on through time by men, and men were not capable of all the words to describe the full meaning of My Creation, My Way.  Through time, I gave many men knowledge and it was developed, in some ways, according to My Plan.  And now I come again to the world through a child I created, and this time I say, ‘All Things must be written so children will know My Way, for you see, it is Important for Souls to come to Me.’

There is a Hell, and there is a Place of preparation, reparation for Me.  My children, the physical you have, that you are, is a privilege from Me.  Never deny this.  Accept it in the beauty it is, and as you do, keep in mind that as I gave it to you, My Plans were for it to return to The Divine.

The edifices that will be built upon this Hill will give men the place, the time, the Grace, the example, the knowledge, the wisdom, to draw them to Me.  I have designed this whole Hill for My Purpose, and woe be the man who stands in the way of this child:  My little instrument, My little fork, My little chalice, My little link, My little warrior.

It is truly I, your Father, Who speaks.  And those of you who doubt and say, ‘God, give me a sign,’ I say to you today: ‘The sign will be when you kneel to pray.  The sign will be the changing of your way.  The sign will be as I design it to be; not your design, but Mine, for do not forget, you are My Design, you are My Creation, as this Hill was one day.’

I want children of all ages to honor Me here.  I want children of all vocations to see the way.  I want children to come and say, ‘God, help me walk Your Way.’ I do not want foolishness out of any child.  I do not want delay.  I want children to see Me, My Way, not the way I am interpreted, not the way man designs Me to be, not the way man thinks I should walk the earth.  But I want men to know that I Am A Supreme Being.  I Am Divine.  I Am The Creator of All Things, and it will be through My Judgment men will spend Eternity either Here with Me, or in the place I know just.

The Power that this child stands in now, no one has ever stood in.  All Heaven stands overhead.  All Light you see is Mine; all Grace you feel, from The Divine; all Hope you desire, My Way.  All Truth through this child comes from Me; All Wisdom taught, Heavenly.

I have chosen a small instrument.  I have chosen one who loves Me.  I have chosen one who will stand against the world to see that My Will be done.  I have come through this child today to say: ‘I want an army of men to fight for this Hill, to make this Hill come about, My Way.  I have given you the physical and in this Great Hill, I give you the Way to Heaven.’

My children, this child is the link for the whole world, and soon the Wisdom will go throughout the world in manner of your day.  The Light is bright, the Love is firm, the Grace is much, and each of you will be given the amount you earn.

I bless you with a Father’s Love.  I bless you with the Rays of Hope.  I bless you with Truth, with Wisdom, Honor, Dignity, and I say: ‘Let all things be My Way.  Let all men who come to this place on earth, feel the Beauty of Me.  Let all men hear of this Hill.  Let the words ring out, “It is here.” Let men see by your example, the Magnitude.’

I hold the child to give her the strength she will need.  I have created you out of My Love.  Walk in this Love to Me.”

1  Reaction of Frances to the Light in the Vision.

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