ON JANUARY 5, 1973 AT 7:53 PM


“My children, I am Saint Alphonsus Liguori.  Through this child, Lessons have been taught; through this child, Great Wisdom has been given.  And tonight, as I stand Here in the Heavens, I come to teach you a Lesson you must take with you and must guard.  You must pass this Lesson on to others.  You must show it in every act you do and you must say to others What I say to you.

The world in which you live shouts, ‘Love thy neighbor.’ Mankind says: ‘Love me.  I need your love.  I need the way love makes me feel.  I need love so that I can walk in the real.’

I, Saint Alphonsus, say through her to you, ‘Love without justice is self-love in you.’ Keep this in mind while I talk to you.

The Son of The Father walked the path to Calvary, clinging to justice.  He knew that His Father was Just above all things, and He was aware that love came from justice.  Many children in your time, perhaps even yourselves, love deeply; but, do you love justly?  Do you love selfishly?  Do you, in your love, when you project it, say, ‘I do this in the way it is right,’ or do you love selfishly with no justice in sight?

Men are shouting, ‘I love you.’ Men are holding signs up saying ‘Love’.  It would be better if men were to hold signs up saying, ‘Keep in mind justice and you will automatically love,’ for justice is truth and God is Truth.  Do you understand?

I ask you, My children, to openly nod your head this way, or this way, for you see, the Lesson I have just taught was at God’s Command.  Do you understand the power of justice for man, over the greed of love man feels, is the most important thing for man?  As you bow your head, keep in mind that when man said with ‘Yes,’ your head goes up and down; so it is, the way of reverence to The Holy Trinity.  Reverence is down, Light is up; ‘Yes’ for justice, and then what?  When you leave this room, remember one thing:  justice from you, for every human being.

No lessons are taught like Those taught through this child from Heaven, from Us; They are so worthwhile.  I ask you, My children, to, from now on, face all things with justice, and love will come.  I have spoken slowly, I have spoken firmly, I have spoken truthfully, with a Wisdom that no man has truly thought of.  Many Lessons are taught through this chosen child of God.  The world must begin to know that These Words are worthwhile.

Tonight, the child is weak physically.  Tonight, the child has taught a Lesson that will aid your mental, your physical and your Spiritual.  I say to you from Heaven Where I am, ‘Have you ever thought of justice in your connection with other men?’  So be it.”

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