ON JANUARY 7, 1973 AT 1:56 PM


“I have spoken much through this child on this day, in a firm manner.  I am the Saint connected with The Sacred Heart.  I am Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.  We All use this child in a Special Manner, in a Special Way, to feed your minds, your wills, your Souls, God’s Way.

You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and yet, most of you present here before this child now, do not accept it in that way.  You feel that the time in which you live is right for you.  I stand in the Heavens and I say: ‘You must make of this time a better place.  You must make of this time a way of purity, for God allows these times to be, to make Saints.’

Each of you present here, do not believe in Sainthood.  Each of you present here, hearing the Words through this child that I say, do not expect to be a Saint.  You are foolish children if you do not look to each day as a day of progress in God’s Way, to one day spend Eternity with Him, Here Where I am, in Heaven.

I do not have to leave the Heavens to speak through this child.  I stand Where I am, close to Him, and I use His Power, His Means, His Desire, in regard to the Lesson He wants Me to teach.

As you have a heart, He has a Heart.  He sent It to the world one day, as the Physical Part.  Each of you here know that the beat of your heart, if it were to stop, would cause you to no longer be a physical part.  So it is, My children, Here in the Heavens Where We are:  We All look to The Heart of The Father, which is The Son; and He, in His Love, in His Justice first, teaches Us, Every One, how to help those who have not yet come to this Place of Eternal Way, to this Place of Grace, to this Place of Beauty, to this Place of Honor, a Special One.

I read your hearts, I read your minds, for The Father has given Me the Power and the Time to do this to each one of you facing this child now, clear in view.  There has never been a Miracle in the world such as This.  You stand privileged, you stand in honor; remember this.  Children must learn to revere The Heart, The Heart of God The Son, but children must learn to respect and have dignity when they pray and when they yearn for God’s Love.

Children look many words up to find the full meaning of them, but some of them forget to practice what they know they should be a part of.  Man must look up these words and find man’s meaning for them, and then look to the Meaning The Father would have for These Words on behalf of the Soul.

I want each child present here now, to remember These Words:  Trust, and what does it mean to you?  Obedience; how do you feel about it?  Justice; how do you act in it?  Love; how do you describe it?  Peace; what is it to you?  Hope; do you feel some?  I stand Here in the Heavens and I know how little some of you understand the Wisdom of These Words, the Beauty of Them, and the proper use of each of Them.

I want you to think much on another word, important to each of you, as it was to Us.  This word, My children, is the word ‘will’.  You have one.  Has it grown in God’s Way, or to please only you?  It will be through your will that your Soul will grow in Light.  It will be through your will that you will learn justice and see Light.  It will be through your will, you will accept obedience, trust, honor, dignity, purity, modesty, hope.  It will be through your will that you will know how to answer when man attacks your Soul.

I stand in the Heavens and I say: ‘As you leave this Great Place today, be aware of your will.  Be aware of how you use it.  Be aware of the degree it has grown since the conception of each of thee.  It was given then, at that very moment.’ Keep this in mind, for it was through your will, you were born to one day face, physically, The Divine.  Keep in mind also, that through your will, you will take the time to learn to love God purely, or with all self-love in mind.

My children, there were times that when I knelt, when I saw The Heart of The Son, the Joy I felt was not as you know joy to be; but I also knew that, in His Presence, a burden was handed to me.  When a child is chosen for a specific task, a burden is handed that lasts and lasts.  Sometimes the burden is physical, sometimes the burden all mental; and sometimes the burden, a combination of all things, as it was with The Son of The Holy King.

Bruises, physically, repair themselves.  Bruises on the Soul take reparation, take courage, take Light.  I beg of you, My children, keep in touch with God through the beat of your heart, through the will He gave you and through the Faith you have to see His Light.

I hold this child in a Power beyond your knowledge.  You cannot see It; some of you might feel It.  It is Far Greater than any power man knows.

I bless you with the way I walked, seeking His Heart for the good of my Soul.  I bless you with Light, for through it you will feel the Wind of God’s Power, which is also real.  I bless you with Hope, for without it, you could be lost.  But I say to you now, ‘Without justice, you will face a great cross.’  So be it.”

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