ON JANUARY 12, 1973 AT 7:57 PM


“There are so many areas for each child to think about, to cleanse, to purify, and to begin it today with God’s Mind, Light, Truth, Will.  Please, My children, I am a Saint you have heard little from, but I beseech you on this night to be alert to the Words that come through this child for the Salvation of your Soul.  I am Saint Callistus.

Many of you have not thought of Purgatory, the degree of it, and how it will be for you.  I come through this child to tell you, firsthand.  You must learn to make so much reparation that you do not want to feel the pains of Purgatory, for it is real.

As I stand Here in the Heavens, I speak slowly yet firmly, and many of you are aware of what this child says and that it has a greater degree than it appears to be.  If it would not embarrass you, I would say, ‘Nod your head.’ You see, you are children to Me, for as you are God’s children, He has sent Me to speak thusly to each of thee.

Hold before you a picture of Light and ask yourself this on this night:  Are you ready to accept the Fullness of God’s Light, or do you honestly know you will have to make reparation to be able to do so?  Children are not being taught the agony that sinning will cause.  Children are not being taught how many times they truly sin.  They are taught just to live a normal way and eliminate the fear, God’s Way.  Reverence is not taught, humility is not instilled, generosity is a thing of the past, and trust in God is a myth — for someone else.

I, Saint Callistus, say, ‘Do not walk away from the knowledge you have received tonight, from the Wisdom in how It was taught and the manner of True Light.’ I bless you and I say, ‘Through this child, I have given you the Lesson for all days.’  So be it.”

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