ON JANUARY 19, 1973 AT 7:59 PM


“Men called me a fool, men scoffed and laughed at me, and many twisted the Words that came from me.  Many shouted, ridiculed, many defied the Words through me, and many said I lied.  It was not until I died that some said that they recognized how I stood.

There are so many children in the world now that are defying what is right, what is truth.  They are accepting foolhardy ways, sinful actions, deliberate actions against God’s Commandments, Truths, Love, Will.

I have often spoken through this child at times when little ones were around.  You, My children, must understand that as she stands on God’s Land, there are many Messages through her that the world must recognize as God’s Will.  You partake in a Miracle of Magnitude.  You must understand that God has designed This Miracle.  He has designed this Great Hill to save Souls, to bring children to Him.  Men are forgetting the Beauty of the Soul.  Men are saying they do not have One.

The evil one, God’s enemy, strikes out against The Father’s Church, and he says, ‘I will strike in many directions to distract man from the worst.’ This evil one, God’s enemy, strikes out to decay what is right, beautiful, truth.  He is using many means, many heresies, in your day.  He is using promiscuity; this is developed through man’s weakness.  He is using cults to create great crevices.  He is using homosexuality.  He is using Communism.  He is using the Mafia.  He is using all things distressful, distrustful, deceitful.  He is using arrogance.  He is using disobedience.  He is using a lack of self-discipline.  He is using pride.  He is using a lack of humility.  He is using man’s desire for acclaim.  He is using the senses in every way.  He is using man’s lust, gluttony, man’s perseverance to enjoy only fleshly ways.  He is using man’s weakness to the limit.

I, Saint Bernadette, say, ‘There is but One Mortar in your time, in any time, to relieve the crevices, the decay; and this, My children, is the Holy Rosary, The Beloved Mother’s Way.’ In the Heavens, She is his Greatest Enemy.  In the Heavens Where We are, All Saints gather and try to teach children upon the earth who are yet to face God in a special way.  We try desperately to say, ‘Hold the Beads, simple in way, in words, not too great in number, but each decade says to God you want to understand particular times in the way of man.’

I say to you now, this: ‘Do not ignore the Mortar of Love that will heal, fill, and bring Beauty back to the Church of His.  Take the Beads, one by one, repeat to Her the words She loves to hear.’

I, Saint Bernadette, say on this night to the sons of Hers: ‘Use the Beads at work, use the Beads as protection, hold them in your pocket as a treasure.  Remember the times when you were a small boy, the treasures you kept hidden in the pockets of your way.  Keep this Great Treasure there, touch the Beads when you feel temptation, hurt, fear.’

And to Her daughters, I do say: ‘Have a place upon you for the Beads each day so you do not forget them, but remember this:  Always carry them in dignity.  Carry them, not exposing them to ridicule, but hold them close, hold them dear.  Make them a part of your life, for you see, these Prayers are the Mortar against the greatest evil in the world, against the greatest enemy — God’s.’  So be it from Here.”

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