ON JANUARY 21, 1973 AT 1:57 PM



I will explain to you what I see.  It is Saint Therese, “The Little Flower”.  She is standing in a garden that will one day be upon this Hill.  And there is a spot where there are many different types of flowers, and She said She will always be there.  A statue is to be erected in Her Name, there.  And She wants all children to feel the beauty of the flowers.


“I walked the earth, not for a long time, My children, in the physical way, but there is no day in your time that I am not present in your midst in God’s Way.

When I walked the earth, He did not ask me to walk as this child walks.  He did not make me perform in an obvious way, but there are many similarities you cannot see that are occurring each day for The Holy Trinity.

The world you live in is an upset world.  It’s a world of much agony, distrust; a world of much anticipation, much procrastination.  It is a world full of laziness, a world full of gluttony, a world full of lust.  It is a world of little prayer, in reality.  It is a world of little self-discipline.  It is a world where all men want to do big things and few see the beauty and reality of the little things.  It is a world of competition.  It is a world of challenge.  It is a world where men are not seeing the beauty of God’s creations; first of all, the Beauty of the human way, the privilege it is.

Men are destroying themselves because they do not want vocation of any way.  They do not want vocation that says: ‘I will have to walk a road for all men.  I will have to walk a road to serve God in the midst of all men.’ Men are thinking more selfishly.  Men are becoming distracted by the things of the flesh, the material gain.  Men are becoming distracted by others’ aims.  Men are succumbing to every wish of every man.  Men are accepting temptation as a matter of the human way.

Men are beginning to follow the wrong ways.  They are misinterpreting the beauty of the past.  Men are interpreting the beauty of the Bible the wrong way.  Men are diminishing the Magnitude of the Priesthood, which The Son of God was the First One.

Men are beginning to accept each other on the least amount of terms.  Men are beginning to take all synthetics rather than the real thing.  Men now are ignoring the beauty of a flower.  So few men say, ‘What a beautiful flower I picked today.’

All men have the same chance to go to Heaven.  All men have the same chance to serve God, through their talents, through their vocation, through their tasks, through every day.

I will stand in this garden in a statue form and I will look at every child who is born, and I will point out the flowers that must always be there for children to see, for children to learn to care.  Some will be small, some will be large, some will be colorful; some will be not evident to the eye conspicuously, but they will be there.  I stand in the garden, I will tell you where:  down there.

I invite you, on this day, to visit Me.  I invite you to stand and to share with Me the Beauty of the human way.  I invite you to pray where you will see Me.  I invite you to ask questions, vocation way.

So many sons refuse to accept the beauty of the Priesthood. ‘Why?’ I say.  It is not a lonesome life as they suspect, for how can you be lonesome when you give and you give and you give and you give, and you forget to take?  How can lonesomeness enter in?  Man says, ‘Lonesome, it is.’ Not so.  Man can become so busy working for God, he forgets to work only for man.

I say to you on this day: ‘Encourage men to walk the Priesthood Way and tell them to think of every child as a flower in God’s garden that needs care.  And tell them that the only time the child should be cut from the stem is when God chooses the time for him to come Here.’

I have spoken much through this child.  It was I Who introduced The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph to the world; God’s Will, not Mine.  And now the world must begin to know the Magnitude of This Beloved Saint and the world must begin to say His Name, for in It there is All Grace.

So, My little ones, you are a flower in God’s Love, God’s Way.  You are one of beauty.  Some of you are small, some of you are large, some of you are colorful, some of you are not.  But whichever way you walk, whichever way you stand, you can control the growth of yourself, in many ways, in the midst of man.  And I will add, ‘You, too, have the privilege of choosing the color you desire to be:  red, purple, white, and yes, even green.’

So as I bless you from the Heavens, in a Garden far greater than you know, it is with God’s Love I extend His Blessing a hundredfold.  So be it.”

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