ON JANUARY 24, 1973 AT 11:10 AM


“I, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, say, ‘It takes a will to accept distress or to deny it.’ I walked the earth in the human form.  I walked it denied by many men, but I knew that as I stood in truth, it was God’s Will I wanted before all men.  Many times, as I went to my room, I cried many tears no one knew of.  The tears were human, the tears were wet, the tears were salty, and yet I knew that the tears were for myself, not God.

I remember one day I talked to a man and he did say many unkind things to me.  He said: ‘Why do you not follow your father’s will?  Why are you so stubborn?  Why do you not care what your flesh and blood says to you?’ And I looked into his face and said, ‘Before him, I must love God first.’

And that is what is wrong with the young of your time and in your day.  They are not being taught to love God.  They are being taught to relate to Him in a human way.  So I, Saint Alphonsus, say to a small number of children upon the earth, ‘Keep this in mind as you use your will today:  You would readily allow a foreign substance to come into your midst.  You would readily allow the thoughts this person has to involve you.’ The trouble with man in your day is that man does not listen to all sides; he quickly acts.

Many of you say, ‘Could this be Saint Alphonsus, the human way?’ And I say: ‘Yes, for whether you be skeptical, whether you be radical, whether you be weak of will, only the truth has been told to you.  And now, through your will, you will react.’

This child through whom I speak is as you, human in every way, physical in every way.  She has eyes, she has all the senses God gives to you.  Men all over the world are saying, ‘Could she be true?’ Let them look into her eyes and ask her if she stands in truth.  When a child truly stands in truth, no eyes does she cast aside unless they are of satan’s way, and then the agony inside is far beyond what you know agony to be, for in the time in which you live, many are possessed with the demons of the lower one, and yet man refuses to recognize he exists.  Throughout the world, throughout time, God has given to mankind, Truth.  God has given Example through The Son of His.

Oh, My children, you stand upon Holy Ground on this day.  You stand upon a place God chose in a special way.  You stand in a direct line with His Love for mankind.  How will you react?  How will you accept?  How will you administer what you have learned today from Me, Saint Alphonsus Liguori?

I bless you with The Father’s Will and I bless you with Hope, and I bless you and I say, ‘Take the will you have that God gave you, each day to use in His manner:  bless yourself, offer it to Him, and desire to follow His Will with yours each day.’  So be it.”

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