ON JANUARY 26, 1973 AT 8:10 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I am Saint Ignatius.  I come through this child and I speak loud and I speak clear.  Many times I have spoken through her and many times I have said many things that men did not like to hear, but on this night, I say, ‘This child stands in purity in God’s Way, for you, so that you will come Here one day and be able to say, “God, what task do I have to do next for You, from Heaven, to help other men come This Way?”’

You, My children, do not understand that to walk the way of Sainthood means you walk in a working way for God, for man.  All The Saints Here in Heaven, We work constantly to bring Other Souls Here for God, for you see, He loves Each One so much that He sends Us out on many tasks, and He says, ‘Go, help the child this way,’ and then We go and We say, ‘But the child is asking it to be done a particular way,’ and God says, ‘Will this make the child come to Me if We allow it to be as the child decrees?’ And of course, many times, We have to say: ‘Well, not really, God.  The child is selfish in a certain way.  The child wants his own way.’

So I, Saint Ignatius, say to you this night, ‘When you pray, ask that God’s Will be done, His Way.’ You will be sure then that all things will be perfect for you and all things will be full.

Oh, My children, there are so many children of mental illness in the world.  Much of it is possession by the evil one.  Do not allow your mind to be so tempted, to become so weak, that you are destroying yourselves in the way of man.

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘Work for God, serve Him.’  So be it.”

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