ON FEBRUARY 9, 1973 AT 7:56 PM


“There is a man in the room that must be a Man of God, and in many areas, others are trying to deprive him of this vocation of life.  I, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, say: ‘No matter what causes delay, you are to walk right.  You are to follow the way of celibacy.  You are to follow the way of Truth.  You are to look to God for all things, for you see, God depends upon you.  You are to reject the world in many ways, and yet envelop it in all ways.  You are to stand ready to serve in a capacity, oh yes, in the world, but you are to stand in sound voice, in a firm way, for you know that God picked you a long time ago to transfer Part of Him to the world.’

Through this child I speak, for I, too, was fought by man.  I, too, was ridiculed.  I, too, was hurt, but I say through this child to you, ‘Let no man delay you from the path, the path of constant work for The Father’s Will to be done, for The Father’s Way to be shown,’ for you see, what a terrible place the world would be if men denied following in this special way, using the Power of Change, God’s Way.  What a terrible world it would be if the number of men who followed The Son of The Holy Trinity diminished to such a number that children would starve for reality.

I, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, say, ‘Listen to the Words I have spoken through this child on this night and obey.’  So be it.”

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