ON FEBRUARY 16, 1973 AT 7:44 PM


“In the world now, there are so many people running around asking God for power, and I say to you now, ‘Power to do what with?’

My children, I am Saint Alphonsus Liguori, and I speak openly through this child on this night, and I see fit for certain children present here, to better understand God’s Way, for they are prone to walk a very physical way.  They want power on their own.  They want men to feel their greatness.  They say, ‘I have the gift of tongues.’ Not so.  You have babble all the way.  You are not speaking distinctly.  You are not telling what God wants you to say.  You are, in many ways, disrespecting all the things that are correct, God’s Way.

The world must know that Pentecostalism, as you call it today, is heresy in every way.  It is against The Father.  It is against The Commandments.  It is against all The Father wants you to be, how He wants you to stand, and yes, you must remember this, that if you follow it, you will become so distorted in it, you will not know how to pray.

I bless you from the Heavens and I say, ‘Children, some of you are involved in this great heresy needlessly, and yes, you are victims of satan’s prey.’  So be it.”

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