ON APRIL 1, 1973 AT 1:43 PM


“For those of you, My little ones, who depend solely upon a moment of prayer each day, I, Saint Catherine Laboure, say this to you, ‘A moment of prayer is good, but to receive Him in The Holy Eucharist is best, for as you receive the Strength, the Light, the Love He is, It will give you the strength to fight the evil one and all the demons.’

My little ones, do not partake in all that is around, do not mistake untruth for truth, for as you do, you will be victims of the evil one.  I pray each day for you, from the Heavens Where I am.  Many of you do not understand the Power that God has.  You are protected, but also you are enlightened that He is Above all men.

I bless you from the Heavens Where I am, for only My physical body remains upon the earth, but one day, when it is joined with Me Here, you will see Us as one, once again.  But I come now, through the Power of God, through the Will of His, to say: ‘Be aware of the physical each day.  Be aware of the amount of time you give God, His Way, not your way.  Be aware that to pray to Him is not always self-satisfying, but beg Him to forgive you your sins, for you see, The Commandments He once gave are The Rules you must live by to return to Him.’  So be it.”

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