ON APRIL 4, 1973 AT 10:42 AM


“This time of Lent is very important to the world for I, Saint Mary Magdalene, come to you to unfold The Miracle of the Heavens.  Before your eyes I give you Light, God’s Way.  I give you serenity, God’s Way, but I say to each one here, ‘Be aware of satan’s way and be aware of all the demons throughout the world.’

Children are now walking around saying there is no devil, but I, Saint Mary Magdalene say, ‘He was in My time, in My day; he is in yours, watch out for him.’ He disguises himself in many ways.  He disguises himself as the rule of ways and he always says: ‘Do not pay attention to The Commandments, They are of the past, but listen to what your heart says, what you feel, what gives you something to do, what you feel will last.’

Oh, My children, even in the time in which I lived, men were running around trying to have powers they felt a Higher One did give.  This is not so, for you see, the Power from God is Heavenly.  It is not the power that is important, but the Goal that brings men to Him.  Be aware of those who surround you; watch out for their deceit, watch out for their ego, their pride, and keep in mind that you must be example from inside.

I walked a horrible way, a way of sin, a way of doubt, a way of hate, and yes, a way of jealousy, but when I looked into His Eyes, I knew there was a Greater One that I had to please, that I had to serve, that I had to get to know, that I had to feel, that I had to be responsible to:  This One you now face, through This Great Miracle of Hope, through This Great Miracle of Love.

Do not trust men for they are weak, but trust God Who is Strength, trust God Who is All Things, and as you do, keep this in mind, that humility is strength, pride is weakness.

Also, My children, keep in mind the Beauty of the Sacraments God gave from The Divine.  He gave Them to purify you.  He gave Them to let you know that you are but mere human beings with a Soul that must come to Him to glow.

If you could but see the Heavens as I see the Heavens now, you would ask The Father to take you away and help you to come Here Where I am, to stay.  There is a Beauty Here no place has.  And all things upon the earth, all ways of men, are but small parts of the Divine Way.

I bless you with The Father’s Love and I say, ‘Let sin shed away, but do not let yourselves become so involved with other men that you do not want to shed the sin you walk in.’  So be it.”

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