ON JUNE 17, 1973 AT 5:49 PM



I will tell you what I see.  It is Saint Alphonsus Liguori, Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Catherine of Siena.


“My beloved children, I am Teresa of Avila.  I have spoken many, many times through this chosen child of The Father’s.  I have delivered many Messages of Direction through her, to children who desired vocation of the religious way, to children who desired help in a special way, and to children who were weak in many ways.

The tasks that I performed upon the earth were natural to the way of man.  There were many things, many areas, many parts, that the world was not aware of.  I, too, listened to the Heavenly Way.  I, too, counted on God’s Love to give me the strength to go on.  I, too, rested in His Arms, waiting for His Words to convey the next move I was to make.

It is difficult for the world to understand, for the world to comprehend such a Miracle, open in your day.  Nonetheless, It is of Truth, Magnitude, and gives Hope The Father’s Way.  There are many Blessings to be given to all men through This Great Miracle of Wisdom.  Men say, ‘The simplicity and the manner is so natural.’ I, Teresa of Avila say: ‘What better way to reach the world?  Men are not all in a category of much reading, and even then, this sometimes could be a detriment to understanding the Wisdom of God’s Way.’

Sometimes, when I laid my hand upon a child’s head, who was beseeching help, I wanted so to say, ‘Shed the problem, little one,’ but I knew that the child had to withstand the situation so the child could grow stronger in every way.

I hold the child tightly, for as she is used as the instrument for Him, We, Here in the Heavens, are allowed by The Father to speak to you, to give Direction firsthand.  This little one truly listens with the Ears of her Soul, truly sees with the Eyes of her Soul, and is aware of the Wisdom projected through Them.  Right now in the world, men are disputing This Great Miracle.  Some are leaning on their own pride, their own ego.  Those who are truly humble will better understand the Magnitude in how God would use man.

There are thousands of Words yet to be said, and each of you here now, through your fears, your anxieties, turmoil and hurts, I say to you: ‘Cling to The Father’s Hand.  Look to His Heart.  Speak His Name, and as you do, depend solely upon Him.’

There is no time in the day or night of the physical life, this child is without Him.  The burden of This Way is far greater than any man can say.

I, Teresa of Avila, bless you from Heaven Where I am.  Reach out, My children, for His Hand, and when you do, tell Him you love Him.  These are words He loves to hear from His little creations He holds so dear.  So be it.”


“My beloved children, I, Saint Catherine, speak in a natural manner, natural way, but not a natural force.

The enemy of God reaches out to each of you each day, trying to diminish your Faith.  Ask yourselves on this day:  How much Faith do you have today?  How can you help it grow God’s Way?

When I walked the earth, I was confronted in many ways, and I, in turn, had to confront others because of the needs that had to be displayed.  It was never arrogance on my part, but only Wisdom that had to be imparted a particular way.

Men have hungered for centuries for such a Miracle as This.  Men have screamed out loud to God, ‘Send me the truth, I’ll understand it.’ This is not so.  Men, in many ways, fear truth when it concerns God, for they have developed their weak parts so much, their weaknesses to such degree, that to truly believe how The Father would act would force changes upon them in the direction of The Holy Trinity; this would mean giving up human sensitivity.  In reality, it would give only strength, tranquillity and peace.

The Lesson I have just given you, My children, is to give each of you a Direction, a Strength and Hope.  I bless you with The Father’s Will, for Another Saint will speak to you.”


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I hold firmly and tightly the child who stands on a tightrope for all things worthwhile.  There are many men who must understand the Worth of This Great Miracle for the world of men.  I, Saint Alphonsus, tell you now.  It is not a secret, it has been spoken before:  the world expected a man, so satan prepared himself for the physical of a man.  Satan was surprised when the child was woman, so in many ways, he had to change his plan.

In the physical lifetime I spent upon the earth, there were many hurts, and I, Saint Alphonsus, say to you now: ‘Each one had a worth.  Each strain, each time I was rejected, eventually gave me a strength nothing else could.’

This little one who stands before you has the strength given to her to fulfill The Father’s Will.  All Heaven stands behind This Miracle for the world, for all men.  The punishment she endures is not easy at the time, but The Father says, ‘For Me, child, one more time.’

So as you come to listen, to hear Our Words truly spoken from Heaven, I, Saint Alphonsus, say openly to the world, ‘Men must know there is more than just the physical, for the Strongest Part of every man is the Spiritual.’ Be aware of Heaven; be aware of Hell.  Be aware, My children, that each one born to the world is given a way, a means and a manner, to fulfill God’s Will.

The Power with which I hold this child is foreign to many of you here, but she is used to the Power, for The Father was The One Who prepared her with It, in It, so that today and other days you could hear the Words He wished spoken for the whole world to hear.

The ground on which you stay, you stand, you walk, you think, you talk, you pray, has truly been Blessed in a special way.  A long time ago this land was chosen to perpetuate God’s Will, and now it must be done according to His Will.

The Beauty that the child does see with the Eyes of her Soul, burn the eyes of the physical, for it is truly a bright glow.  No child has ever been asked to walk such an open road, such an obvious tightrope, since the time of Our Lord.  This little one, who accepts totally God’s Will, is a sacrificial lamb, for children of all races, all colors, all creeds, to one day stand before The Holy Trinity.

I bless you and I say, ‘Be aware of Every Word spoken today, and be aware that a child is prepared mentally, physically and Spiritually, to withstand all blows.’ I bless you and I say, ‘Do not reject God’s Way, but hold It close, hold It tight, so that pure vision will be one day.’”

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