ON AUGUST 3, 1973 AT 7:56 PM


“When you truly work for God, you work.  You work in every way, and that is why, in your day, it is somewhat like it was in My day.  I am Catherine of Siena.

So many, many children try to ask God in their own way to do the things faster, because you see, they place their trust in The Divinity, but The Father allows each child the privilege of following through to the end, the thing that has to be done according to His Plan.

My children, I come through forcefully for I, too, walked the earth telling men God’s Plan and they, many times, disagreed with me.  And many times when I had to forcefully say, ‘This is it,’ the Words would fall upon the open ears and one man, perhaps, would listen.  Others would try to disregard What I said and cast it aside; and here it is again.

And now I come to the world to help the whole of mankind to better understand that through this child, the Greatest Miracle for man is taking place, and those who do not agree will be cast aside in a certain manner, but not as men would suspect.  You must understand that to walk in God’s Path, God’s Way for a Great Plan, things must be worked upon, worked out, for then God says to the world: ‘I have given you a will to use.  Which way will you go with it?’

And now, on this Great Hill where thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands, millions of children will come to kneel and pray, to learn the way of the Church The Son gave to the world; who will learn the Beauty of The Holy Eucharist, who will learn the Power of the Holy Rosary, who will learn for the first time in their lives how to pray, what to say; and also, the joining together of this Place, the physical hope, need for all men, one side of the ravine.

And I say to you: ‘What is in the ravine?  Do you know?  Do you suspect?  Have you guessed?’ It is Grace, joining the physical with the Spiritual, for you see, when God draws up a plan, there is nothing He leaves out nor is there a lack.  So when men walk in great pilgrimages to the Spiritual Place to plead with The Father, not always for just Grace, but for physical help, mental help, and yes, physical needs, there will be a connection and men will see it openly.

Some men will reach for a candle.  They will light it and say, ‘Through the light I will find God in a special way.’ And some men will say: ‘God, never let this candle blow out, for I want to feel the warmth of it.  I want to see the light of it.  I want to know it’s lit Your Way.’ And they will come back again and again, and they will look for the candle and they will light it from another man, for you see, The First One to light a candle on this land will be The Sacred Heart.  And as He will touch with His Finger, the Finger that He walked the earth with, the Finger that He developed the Power of The Holy Eucharist with, He will light the Candle of Hope for the whole world to be lit from, through little human beings, on this small parcel of land which God a long time ago begun.

I, Saint Catherine, come to you on this night and I say, ‘Do not omit desiring in your prayers to one day become a Saint.’ Ask The Father in your little way, ‘Help me be a Saint.’ You know He will answer that prayer readily and He will give you the way.

Atheists and communists will walk through the Great Gate and they will laugh and scoff at this Place, for they will say, ‘What is it in the way of man:  buildings, artifacts, History; I don’t care.’ But I, Saint Catherine of Siena, say to you on this night, ‘Hundreds, thousands will walk from this land and it will make them think, not only of Church History, but of the History that was made for man’s sake:  Bible History.’ It will also teach them the History of the Hill, the History of The Miracle of The Beloved Saint.  It will give them all things.

Men will come from all over the world to learn from this Great Place.  Men will sit for hours in the library set aside, and they will read and they will delve into the Truth, to take it back to their lands that are far away.  And men will come to learn how to help the physical.  Research will be done to help all the great diseases that plague men in the world, and sometimes when men come, they will see that a particular disease can be cured.

But then, on top of this, an ultimate in God’s Way, will be the water placed there by Him, for men to walk through and desire Grace.  Plans are now being made, designed by The Father, to draw the children into the water.  And as the children are brought into this water, Blessed by The Father, conversions will be made, conversions to tell them of the greatness and the privilege of the human way; conversions, and perhaps, small healings of the physical way.  And sometimes, when men put their whole being into this water and submerge completely, they will feel a mental uplift and they will know that God has Blessed this water in a special way.  They will come out relaxed.  They will come out exhilarated, and they will come out knowing the dignity of cleansing in a certain way.

And through this Hill, men will begin to see that, not only the cleansing of the body or the physical in a special way, but the cleansing of the Soul; for men will come from all over the world to translate for other men and to give the world a chance to pray in the languages throughout the world, and men will be greeted in the language that they know.

And when they walk into the Pilgrim House, they will feel God’s Glow, and Michael will be standing there to greet each one who comes through this house.  And then the Chapel, all men will feel one, for the Choirs of the Angels will surround each place, and as the men look around, they will feel God’s Grace.

And I say to you on this night, ‘You have been given a Gift, insight to a Special Place, and through the chalice, the one through whom I speak, the pouring out of the Grandeur, the Love, the Light in this Special Place will go on and on and on and on, until it is completed according to God’s Way.’ And I have come on this night to give you just a small touch of a parcel of land in which, on which, God has promised to the world Light, Life, Hope, Mercy, Justice, and then Love.

I beseech you to listen to The Saint Who stands by, for the Direction will not be from the sky, but from Heaven Where I am, for you see, The Saint is Special to God and it is His Miracle through which We speak.  So be it.”

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