ON AUGUST 31, 1973 AT 8:02 PM



Let me tell you what I see.  I see Saint Peter, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, Saint John at the Cross.  Peter is beckoning like this, and there’s a multitude of People coming from this way; and now They’re coming up, like over a hill, from this way.  They are not of ordinary means.

The young One, Saint John, is helping the first Ones be seated, but They are seated down on the ground, and Saint Alphonsus is seating what appears to me as a Bishop.  He has a crosier.  There are Four.  Oh, if I could tell you:  One is Pius the Tenth; One is Pius the Twelfth; One is Padre Pio.  Oh, He’s taking a special place.  One is Saint Athanasius, and They’re seated on the ground.

Pius the Tenth is thanking John for being so considerate.  Padre Pio is looking to Peter.  Saint Francis of Assisi is coming up to the right.  He smiles at Peter.  Peter I have never seen so happy.  Joan is there, Joan of Arc.  She’s sitting next to Catherine of Siena.

Sometimes, when I cannot recognize Them or They do not tell me Their Name, Their Name is on Them, because I don’t know what They All look like; and sometimes I have a difficult time pronouncing the names:  Charles Borromeo.

My eyes are burning with the Sight.  It’s as if the physical eye has two hot pokers in the back.


“I, The Sacred Heart, send water to the child’s eyes to cool the heat of such Light.”

They’re crowding, oh, and They’re listening to Peter talk.  The More that come into view, the more it hurts.


“My beloved ones, in order for this Vision to come to you, I had to burn the child’s eyes to capture All in view.  The suffering that has just taken place is far beyond what you can know, but the child is always willing to accept the Magnitude for you.  I have gathered All of Heaven in such a massive view that the child is seeking out the Ones Who most often talk to you.  There’s One coming now in view. (It’s Teresa of Avila.) In order for the child to see the One Who so often gives her courage, I am blinding her with water for the Power she must endure.

Children take the physical so very much for granted.  Children criticize what is good.  Children ignore the beauty of the will, the purpose of it, and yes, what it really will do.  I burn the child’s eyes even more now, for I bring the children into view who are about to leave Purgatory if there will be sacrifice soon on their behalf, perhaps from each of you.  They raise their hands and not One Saint has the privilege to lean down to pull them up to Here for a Crown, until I say it can be so.

‘What is Purgatory?’ some of you ask.  Let Me tell you.  Purgatory is a place, a means and a manner in which children must make reparation so that they become pure.  Purity — what is it?  How can you come by it?  And now I say to you: ‘The Commandments.  Do not ignore Them, do not treat Them frivolously.’ And do not forget the beauty of penance and sacrifice, for if you do, there will be a time of, maybe wandering, for reparation must come for the Soul to come in full view.

There are Many Here in the child’s Vision Whom she does not know, but the Light of Their Souls helps cause the burning, for you see, as the Eyes of the Soul penetrate the Vision, so do the eyes of the physical.  There is such a close connection.

I have oftentimes spoken quicker to you, more rapid, but tonight there is a child here whom I want to see come closer to The Miracle, and through the eyes and the pain of this child I hold dear, I reach this child, have no fear.  And I want Each Word spoken through her to lay within the ear, never to escape, but to remain for the sake of the Soul the child must hold dear.

So oftentimes, children pay Honor to My Heart.  So oftentimes, children forget that to walk a chosen path for Me means burden, pain, hurt, sacrifice, and yes, a constant forging ahead, never to turn back. The child has been prepared by The Father through all this, and through her, Lessons have been given so that men could face every test.  The Lessons were of Wisdom, of Truth and of Light, and those of you who know her well, how many of these Lessons did you follow to the Light?

And now I, The Sacred Heart, will give you a test to get to Heaven.  On the first page, now look at it and ask yourselves these questions: ‘Do I know The Rules of God?  How many do I keep?  How many have I forgotten?  Do I know the meaning of each one?  Do I know the sins against These?’

And now let Us turn to the second page of this test.  The first question here says:  Do you walk in humility or are you prideful?  The second question says:  Do you have hope?  The third question says:  Do you have Faith?  The fourth question says:  Do you trust in God’s Way?  And the fifth question says:  How obedient are you to Heavenly Rules?

And now I take you to the third page in this test.  This page is on the service to Heavenly Way.  The first question is:  Did you serve The Father in any way on this day?  The second question is:  Did you pray?  Did you take the time?  The third question is:  If you were to meet Him, what would you say — ‘I gave You my day’?  The next question is:  Are you self-disciplined enough to serve in total commitment to Heavenly Realm?

And now I take you to another page in this test.  The first question here says:  Have you accepted the privilege of the human way for the Goal set?  The next question is:  Have you fallen into such a sensitivity direction that you compare yourself with Heavenly Way?  The third question is:  Who do you follow — The Creator of All, or the imitator of all?  The next question says:  How much charity have you given in the last ten days?

And now I take you to the final page of the test and I say: ‘Do you desire to be in a Vision such as the One described to you?  Do you desire to be a Saint?’ The next question is:  Do you awaken in the morning, planning to share the hours of the day to such a degree that there will be perfect balance in your way?  The next question is:  Do you put book knowledge ahead, before Faith in The Holy Trinity?  The next question is:  What are you going to do from now on with your physical?  Are you going to look back to this test I gave, or are you going to continue on in the manner and in the way you have been doing?

The test is simple, the questions not too difficult for you to answer, but each question, if fully answered, would give you more than a physical view, more than a mirror of your day could do.

I, The Sacred Heart, say to you in your day, ‘It is the Wish and the Will of My Heart that you be in this Vision one day.’  So be it.”

8:19 P.M.


“I have requested of My Father, Who was My Son, to be The One to slowly take the burn from the child’s eyes.  I cool them now with Grace from Above, for if it was allowed to last, it would take weeks for the burning to cease.  I am your Heavenly Mother.  Sometimes, when the child has to bear the heartache for Souls Who must come Here, I yearn in My Heavenly Way to take away the hurt.

The world knows of This Miracle which bears the Name of The Greatest Saint Here in the Heavens, Who was My Spouse on earth.  The Miracle is One of Hope and One of Faith.  The Miracle is One of Love, but above all These Things, The Miracle is One of Justice, for God’s Sake.

The child stands in an aloneness no man can know.  The light air The Father has allowed is sometimes the only part that shows.  But today, the child knew that the burden would grow to such a degree that it would be heavier than a tree upon her body and Soul.

I, your Heavenly Mother say, ‘Before you lay your head tonight, pray for a child who bears the brunt of every blow for Souls The Father loves so.’ I take her now, easily, so the pain is not too much, and I wash her eyes with the Water of Divine Touch.”

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