ON SEPTEMBER 7, 1973 AT 7:50 PM


“My children, I am Joan of Arc.  There were many times in the fights that were carried on for victory, that we retreated just a small distance so we could gain strength to go on to victory.  Does this make sense to you?  Sometimes a child says: ‘I can go on.  I can go further.  I am strong.’ But a wiser one, close by, knows that tiredness, exhaustion has taken over, and it would be best to retreat until strength is gained to forge on.

I, Joan of Arc, come to you on this night through this child and say, ‘There are men fighting Saint Joseph’s Hill Of Hope, the Hill God has Willed to be.’ Most of you, not all, have been close to this child at one time or another, and you know she stands in Truth as I once did a long time ago.

Ask yourself, would you — take a choice now — rather be locked on God’s Land or in satan’s arms?  The correct answer is natural.  Men are fighting to lock the gates, to lock the entrances, to lock the whole Place.  I say to you, ‘What will you do to avoid this occurring on This Place?’ Prayer is needed and prayer will certainly help, but if you are wise, you will stand strong so that This Place will be built.

Many men with whom I walked would say to me, ‘Joan, I do not think we will make it today,’ and I would say, ‘Do not be locked in a negative way, but walk forward positively, charge the enemy, for the Voices tell me it’s got to be God’s Way.’ So on this night, as you pray, and every day from now on, offer to God a bit of sacrifice for the outcome to be a victorious one.

I could speak in poetry from Heaven Here, and some of you would be delighted to hear the rhyming of Words quite clear; but, would it say more to you than What I have said?  Pray.  Fight being locked in satan’s way.  Open your hearts, open your minds, and fight to build the Hill of Hope for The Divine.  So many people are talking about this Great Hill.  So few people are strong enough to stand up for It, to see that It is completed in the time God has instilled.

Through the child on this night, Many will speak from the Heavens, Here Where We All meet.  It is The Father’s Will We come to you.  It is His Will We speak.  It is His Will that this Great Hill be accomplished so that men’s Souls will come Here for All Eternity.  A weak child this one is not.  A giving child this one is.  How do you compare, and what will you do to stand as a warrior for God’s Fare?

Upon this Hill, a hospital, this great place for the physical.  It will be the Crucifix on the Rosary that will be around the Hill.  It will be the framework for The Holy Eucharist on the side of the Spiritual.  What more can man have than an open sign of The Holy Eucharist, an open sign of the Holy Rosary, and a Personal Love for the physical?

Men will come from all over the world to see This Place and to pay Honor to God through It, from It, in It.  Men will, for the first time in their lives, better understand what the physical is all about.  And some will come physically ill.  Some will come spiritually ill.  Some will come empty of any feeling at all.  Some will call themselves ‘communists’.  Some will call themselves ‘agnostics’.  Some will call themselves ‘atheists’.  Some will call themselves ‘Christians’.  Some will call themselves names of all different religions.  Some will come as dedicated men to The Holy Trinity, and the only thing they ever do is talk about It, never live It, never take part in It.

I, Joan of Arc, speak through this child and I say, ‘You will be handed a Sword on this night, the Sword of Love God’s Way, the greatest protection in the world for any man to carry, any woman to have.’ And I say to you, ‘Don’t listen for the voices,’ for you see, they would confuse you, but carry the Sword, obey the Ten Commandments, see the Truth in What The Father has given to the world, and be obedient to the Will of The Father, and yes, if you find it difficult to believe, to understand, to comprehend, I would say, ‘Retreat; look at all the things and then forge ahead,’ for you see, also upon this Great Hill, will be a place for men to begin to learn the Biblical Way.

Men shout, ‘I hold a Bible.’ Men shout, ‘I have read it.’ Men shout, saying, ‘I can quote it.’ But how many can follow it God’s Way?  The secret of the Bible, to follow it; the secret of the Words, to see the Beauty and the Magnitude of Them; and yes, the translation — what about that?  Keep this in mind as you walk tonight and tomorrow and the next day, and as you do, be assured that The Father’s Love is looking for yours.

No child has ever been asked to walk in the world as this one, except, of course, The Son Who walked a long time ago.  Would a fool stand before you now and call My Name?  No, not unless the fool, of course, was walking for God.  So be it. In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost.”

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