ON SEPTEMBER 28, 1973 AT 8:16 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint John, The Apostle One, and I come on this night to describe to each child here what a beautiful path it was that The Son gave me to walk with The Mother of all men.  I will describe to you, as We left the Cross, when The Son was dead.

As I took The Beloved Mother’s Arm in mine, She turned to me in sadness and in love, and said: ‘John, it is your turn now to take care of Me.  One Man did it for a long time.  He is now in a Place with The Creator of all mankind.  And now I have lost, but yet not truly lost, The Protector of all mankind and He will be with The Father soon, and then there will be a time that He will look into the eyes of the physical Father that walked with Him.  What a reunion They will have, what a way for Them to be.  And I will have to wait and, John, you will have to wait with Me.’ But I remember the look in Her Eyes.  There was sadness yet joy; no anticipation.  There was peace, for you see, all of the physical life of The Son, She knew would end sadly.

We walked back to where She lived and people gathered, friends.  They talked and tried to console.  And they said, ‘Oh, Mary, what a dread He is dead.’ And as She looked into their eyes, as only She could, She looked and said: ‘No, He is alive.  He is with His Father in a Special Place.  And soon All of Heaven will rejoice, for the Glory of God has been accomplished by Him.’ They looked at Her and some could not understand how She could feel the way She did.  And I looked at Her and knew that the Knowledge and the Wisdom She had was far beyond what anyone there could understand.

And now I, Saint John, Who stood with The Heavenly One, come through this child to say, ‘It is only the beginning of life when you accept Christianity fully, when you accept Christianity as your way, when you stand up for what It is, the degree It should be.’ Oh, My children, find peace in Christianity.  Find tranquillity in prayer.  Find hope in God’s Direction and see truth everywhere.  Look where you could fall.  Look where you can give, but be aware; be aware of the treachery, the barbaric feeling of heresy.  Be conscious of the Beauty of Christianity and thank God for the Gift, the Faith, the Hope, the Light, the Dignity, the Integrity, the Strength, and yes, the Justice of His Way.

One man came to the door and he said, ‘Mary, may I see You?’ And She said, ‘Yes, come in.’ I stood by and offered this man a drink of the day.  This man did not realize that he had entered the house where The Son of God stayed.  He was brash in his way, crude; and yes, he said, ‘Don’t worry,’ and said, ‘He’s lucky to have it over with.’ And She looked at him and said, ‘No, My son, it is you who is lucky that it is over with, for through His Suffering, through His Love, He gave you life to one day go Above.’ Then the man looked into Her Face and he said, ‘Go where?’ And She said, ‘Well, let Us put it this way:  to a Higher Life, to a peaceful one, to one Where you will serve The Highest One.’ The man said, ‘What Faith.’ She looked at him and She said: ‘It is not but Faith.  It is Wisdom.  It is Truth.  He died for the Hope that men must have.  He died to give all men Life.  At the moment of His last sigh, the world was freed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven Where He is.’

The man walked away.  I stood there, perhaps a little upset, for I could not bear to have anyone disturb Her.  And She looked at me and She said: ‘John, he is only one of many.  They do not understand.  That is why The Holy One put you in charge of Me.  He knew you would understand.  And do not forget, a Great Birth has occurred, the True Birth of Christianity.’  So be it.”

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