ON NOVEMBER 4, 1973 AT 11:14 AM


“So many men are trying to live a life where they do everything they please.  And I, Saint Mary Magdalene, can say this to you: ‘I, too, thought it was best that way, and then I learned, when I looked into His Eyes, there was a greater way and a greater peace.  There was solitude, tranquillity, but more than that, I saw a Beauty beyond man’s degree.  That moment changed me.’

Through this child, I come to you from the Heavens Where I am and I say: ‘As she looks at each of you today, remember what I did say when I looked in a Man’s Eyes and found that through These Eyes I found a better way to live.  I found Truth.  I found Light.  I found Wisdom.’

In the world in which you live, so many men are practicing knowledge.  They are not looking to wisdom.  Wisdom is the Way of Light.  Wisdom is Truth.  Wisdom can draw you right to perfection, and wisdom says to each of you:  the Beauty and the Light, the Way and the Truth; Hope, yes, Justice and Mercy for you.

So, My little ones, as you look into one child’s eyes, know that what you see is what I saw, a drawing to The Holy Trinity.  So be it.”

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