ON NOVEMBER 16, 1973 AT 7:37 PM


“My beloved children, the world questions My Way.  The world questions how I would perform in this day.  The world is, in many ways, worse than another day.  You know it by the words ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’.  I am truly your Father.  I am truly your Creator.  I am truly your Love.

I hold this child for some time now, in a particular way, so that through her I can come to the world to give Strength to each man; a Victim Soul, a sacrificial lamb.  And now I, your Father, come to say, ‘If upon your shoulder I placed a wooden cross, what would you say?’ Would you laugh about it?  Would you accept it?  Would you carry it or would you throw it away?

Men have said that I would never again hand a cross to a child, especially one born of the natural way, but I say to you now: ‘In the world in which you live, I have placed a cross.  It is not a wooden cross as you know one to be, but I have given the world, the burden of Souls, in a Manner and in a Way you could not describe with all your words.’

Responsibility to a human being is necessary in the world.  Responsibility to Me is a must in the world.  A long time ago, according to man’s time, I gave The Rules to live by.  Men have disagreed, but nonetheless, I never changed The Rules I gave, for you see, in each of These Rules I covered every part of the physical role.

On this night I stand before you, through a child, as I once did long ago.  I want each of you to ask yourself on this night:  How much have you given to Me today in wrong and in right?  How much do you love Me?  How much do you want to return to Me?  How much, in each day, do you see the Light?

What is My Power?  My Power is All Things.  I have the Power to create, the Power to stop creation.  Ask yourself, ‘What about These Things?’ You have no power, not like Mine, but you have the will I gave that, in truth, in reality, should lead you back to The Divine:  the power of the will to accept truth or to deny truth, the power to love Me according to My Will, and the power to know what is good; but, remember this, My children, the only power you have is your will.

This child through whom I speak lives in the world.  Men misinterpret this.  Men miscalculate this, for you see, men are not used to listening to Me.  Men set themselves up as great critics.  The Power with which I hold this child is so Great that it is only her love for Me that keeps her from falling into a deeper ecstasy.  She does not even want to speak My Words, for to be alone with Me, even in the smallest degree, is Far Greater than anything on earth can be.

So I, your Father, announce through this child that I am now again in the world to Teach What is Right, to give Strength where it is needed, to give Light to show the way, not to pacify you or compromise with you, but to be direct in every way.

This child is the most controversial woman in the world.  It is a parallel to the time My Son walked the earth:  the Teaching, the Light, the Truth and the Hope; the service, obedience, the penance, and yes, the submission to My Will.  Men know nothing of this.  In the day in which you live, men have become so accustomed to projecting their will, to showing others how strong they are, that they have forgotten the most important thing, and that is to abide by My Will, according to how I decree it to be.

Men laugh, men mock, men try to imitate, men try to talk the child into compromise.  I say to them now, ‘It is a waste of breath.’ I own her completely, and through her I intend to show men what is right.  I intend to give to the world Another Son, One Who trusted Me totally, One Who was obedient to My Will, One Who fathered My Son when I sent Him to the earth to be a Part of mankind.  I am now sending Another Son through a woman, and if you think back, the last time I acted in such a way, there were Two Men involved.  This time it is again this way — this time, a husband; this time, Another Son of Mine in a special way.

My children, I have spoken more to you on this night than you will ever realize, but through My Words I have given you more Light than, in your little way, you can handle on such a night.

Many children throughout the world wish that they had This Blessing that this child does not possess, but is a servant of.  I say to them now: ‘Be aware that to bear the burden of Divine Light is to bear the suffering that comes with it, for reparation for Souls who deny Me must be made.  Penance must be an everyday thing, and obedience to My Will first, above any man, for you see, I Am The Holy Divine King.’

You are privileged children on this night.  You have been given a taste of My Way, but through this child who stands in such an aloneness that you cannot see, I speak through her to say, ‘I request each child here tonight to offer your will, not in a weak way, but to be a warrior, to be what man calls “a Christian” in this day of dim Light.’

You live in a time of heresies.  How many of you are strong enough to stand up to these heresies?  And I, your Father in the Heavens, say that men call the greatest heresy in the world many names today.  Pentecostalism, as man knows it to be, is a heresy against Me.  They call it ‘the Charismatic Renovation, Renewal’, many things.

Men are delving into and dwelling on what they call ‘the sensitivity way’.  I say to you on this night: ‘Become more sensitive to The Commandments I gave.  Stop acting indifferent to the Greatest Rules of any day.’

I also say that if you truly believe in Me, you will begin to desire Truth, you will begin to stand up for it, you will begin to desire that your will be one with Mine each day.  You will have hope, you will give hope to others, but above all things, you will pray with every move you make that your Soul will come My Way.

I speak quite solemnly through this child on this night; it is not a disturbance Here in the Heavens that I say through her All that is Right.  Woe be the man who stands in the way of this child who must do My Will, for the world to better understand What I am all about, What I stand for, Who I Am.  And I say again, ‘Woe be the man who does not want to see the Light that This Great Miracle extends through Another Son Who walked as man; and woe be the man who does not sacrifice for My Will to be done.’

And I say, ‘Erase pride, erase ego, for it is the greatest illness man can have.’ To be physically ill can be a Blessing, for you see, in physical illness there is hope, always hope when you pray.  And keep this also in mind, My children, that Faith is a Gift from Me.  Faith you must have, for without Faith you could walk the other way.

At the moment of conception, I instill the physical, the mental, the Soul, the Guardian Angel and the will. ‘Oh,’ children say, ‘I have heard this story before.’ I say, ‘No, you have not,’ for I, your God, I, your Creator, say, ‘I am The Only One Who truly speaks this way:  Simple, Direct, Firm, with Love, and always in a manner to give children Hope.’

Ask yourselves on this night, would it not be nice to carry with you tonight, not only the Gift of Faith, but the Privilege of Hope, mainly to return Here one day, mainly to stand before Me to hear What I say, mainly to live in Happiness Forever?  I, your Father, say, ‘There is no other way, only if you choose it.’ And now I say through this child, ‘My enemy is disturbed for the progress of This Great Miracle is far and wide, and through this child I have drawn many children to My Side.’

I leave you with My Blessing, and I say: ‘My Blessing is Far Greater than you know, for do not forget, I was The One Who designed you.  I was The One Who gave you the world.  I was The One Who gave you a Soul.  There is nothing more, except, of course, that Beautiful Gift of Faith.’

If you believe you have a body, if you believe you have a will, and if you believe you have a Soul, then I would suggest to you that you believe I speak now through a child such as you, and that to the world I am returning a Son to walk the earth, through a child, to be heard, to be seen, to be Honored and to be Revered, for the Role He played in My Scheme.  So be it.”

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