ON NOVEMBER 23, 1973 AT 8:18 PM


8:18 P.M.


“My beloved children, I am Teresa of Avila, and as I speak through this child I speak loudly and firmly and I say: ‘To walk for The Father, it must be done every day.  To walk in His Light, it is an aloneness no man can share.  To walk as a warrior is a lonely affair.  To walk, to express to the world what is good for the world, brings sadness beyond any man to compare.’

I know; I walked in the world in a lively manner, a happy way, and there were times, there were moments when I would stare into space and say, ‘God, if I could but change things so that all things for You would be in an orderly way.’ There were times I felt He did not hear, and then there were times that the conversation would go on and on and on, and through the going on and on, I would become exhausted trying to grasp Every Word.

This child experiences the same thing.  The exhaustion, one alone; to be in the world and to not be of it is a tedious, tiring, lonely fact, track, path, means, manner, way, measure. This child through whom I speak is but a puppet for The Holy Trinity. This child sometimes laughingly says, ‘I am tired, God,’ and He says to her, ‘I know; My Son was also that.’ These Words are what spur her on to more work, more time, more listening, more service, more in the way for Him.

Each moment of the day We are aware of this child’s presence and the child is aware that she must listen openly.  Those who are close to this child know that many times when they look into her eyes she is listening to Us Here.  They, in their own way, have learned not to speak, but to let her go her way.  There is no task in the world, no job in the world, as tiring as listening to the Heavenly Way, every hour, every moment of every day.

Many times I have used this child to deliver to children, individually or in groups, Great Words of Wisdom, Great Truth.  So many men are so overly conscious of the world that they forget to listen to such a Miracle.  I hold the child deeper, and through her I radiate The Father’s Love, I radiate Hope.

There is no Greater Saint Here in the Heavens than The Beloved Saint Joseph.  He stands High.  He stands Majestic.  The Father, in His Love for Him, shows This Great Saint, to the child, nine feet tall, because it is a parallel to His Greatness Here.

I hold the child firmer, for you see, the exhaustion she stands in for The Holy Trinity is far greater than any man knows, and without the holding she would collapse in the physical.

I hand her now to Catherine, Who wants to speak to you through this child who so openly obeys.

Before the beloved Saint Catherine will speak, I must tell you, ‘The secret of loving God is desiring to serve Him above all things.’  So be it.”

8:27 P.M.


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I am Catherine of Siena.  I have spoken many times through this child: a warrior for the good of mankind, a ray of Hope, a ray of Light, an obedient child.

Men forget that the Greatest Gift in the world is available, and that Great Gift is The Holy Eucharist.  Men are defying This Gift, they are minimizing It, diminishing It.  They are trying to have others think It is but a symbol.  It is not.  It is truly a Part of Him.  A Sacrifice had to be made to extend to the world of mankind this Touch, to remain for all time.

And whenever The Father had to choose a child, the child was always subjected to criticism, hate, envy, hurt, abuse; and the child, in obedience, had to and has to act, sometimes in the exact opposite manner man would expect, man would want.

I argued with many men when I walked the earth.  I argued for Truth, in Truth, only to dramatize; not to get my way, but to put forth what The Father wanted.  I, too, heard.  I, too, heard direct.  I, too, had instilled in me the privilege to protect men against the evil.  With privilege such as this comes much suffering, so difficult sometimes to go on, knowing that men do not understand, do not accept.  But I, Saint Catherine of Siena say, ‘This child has been taught, as I was taught, to let the wrong slide off the back.’

There is too much work to be done in the world, and you truly live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  And the reason that these words are used to man is that most men understand what Sodom and Gomorrah stood for, and what happened to them. This child is a warrior far beyond what man knows a warrior to be. The child is the driver of the army to fight in this world of sin.

You live in a time of heresy, you live in a time where many men desire to escape but they are too weak to do so, and the greatest heresy in the world is Pentecostalism.  Men are dividing themselves up.  They are using their own pride and their own ego to stabilize them, whereas they are only weakening themselves, feeling they have a power to deliver to other men.  This is not so.

I have spoken; I have given you What Heaven wants you to have.  There are other heresies in the world. This child is dreaded by many men, and yet a warrior she is; a fighter, yes; a puppet for Him, not for men.

But, I bless you from the Heavens Where I am and I say: ‘Ask yourselves on this night:  When you pass by a mirror, what do you see?  And what if you were never again able to look into a mirror, how would you feel?’ You should feel so good within yourself, you should be so strong in hope, in light, wisdom, love, justice, that you would not need a mirror to go on, for you would be in understanding of how to express the truth of life, how to extend to others the knowledge you have and let it be right.

A Warrior waits to speak through this child, a Warrior Who has fought physical battles, mental battles, and yes, a Warrior Who also heard firsthand, the Wisdom of Light.

But I bless you with The Father’s Love before I leave, and I say: ‘Be a servant of His, offer your will to Him today.  Do not take it back tomorrow, but make it a practice within you to give, each day, your will to Him, for through it you will find happiness, but better still, you will become a Saint.’  So be it.”

8:36 P.M.


“I am Joan of Arc.  I call Myself this for you, because this is what you know Me as.  Here in the Heavens The Father does not mention the last part.  He looks at Me and He says, ‘Joan, go to the child now.’ ‘Joan, see that the child is helped.’ ‘Joan, be aware of this other child who prays for this or that.’ So you see, My children, to become a Saint Here in the Heavens is a Privilege beyond what man knows, for it is working firsthand with The Father Himself, with The Son, and yes, with the Light of The Holy Ghost; a Privilege.

Sometimes, when I walked the earth, I never realized the Beauty of being a Saint, because you see, I was too busy fighting for what I knew was right, what the Voices said.  To be a warrior for God comes in many ways, many stages, and yes, always does it bear with it, abuse, tiredness, and yes, tears.  So many children in the world do not expect a Miracle of such Light to bear with It such burden, such exhaustion.

I say to you now, ‘There was one day when I sat in a cell and I begged the Voice that I did hear to spare me from Hell, for those who were acting as the jailers at that time were abusive in every way.’ I feared them, and I used to say, ‘Oh please, Heavenly One, wherever You are, keep them away, give me the strength to hang on.’ When they took me to the place where I knew I had no chance to escape, I stood in fear, but I begged never to stand in disgrace or out of Grace.

In the time in which you live, men do not wear shields or carry spears; but, to be a warrior for God you must carry within you The Holy Eucharist, for in It you will have the strength, from It you will have the Love, and with It you will have the perseverance to forge ahead, no matter what it takes.

Tonight, I ask each of you here to carry a banner, not a mirror, and let the banner say to the world you believe in God, that you will fight for The Holy Eucharist, that you will kneel and pray the Holy Rosary, and that you will be a warrior for God against the enemy who stalks in every way.

It is truly I, Joan of Arc.  It is truly I Who speak.  It is truly I Who has given you These Words.  Fight for what is right.  Do not be a coward.  Warriors come in many degrees.  Some are leaders, some are drivers, some even have fear of what could happen to the physical life they hold dear.

I leave this child in Better Hands than I am.  I leave this child in a manner you do not know, and I leave this child in a Deeper Power, for He will speak to you now.”

8:43 P.M.


“My beloved ones, All Heaven speaks through this child openly, immediately. The child is a Victim Soul.  I am The Sacred Heart and I hold her tightly, not in an ethereal way, but in a very down-to-earth ecstasy of Light.  Only a fool would reject this sight.  You are a witness to total submission of a will, and The Father has said, ‘Woe be the man who stands in the way of this child.’

This should frighten the whole world, but the boldness is now as it was when I walked the earth.  Some men are barbarian in nature, hopeless in attitude, and their senses are dimmed by the evil through their weakness in sin.  Children are flocking to wrong places.  Children are reading things of such wrong, dulling their thinking.

The Miracle of The Beloved One Who was My earthly Father, Who is now My Son, is known throughout the world, and I intend to express it in every way possible, for I, The Sacred Heart, say to you now: ‘His Name will be on the lips of the whole world, and they will recognize Who He Is, and men will begin to honor Him and revere Him for the Position He held, and Where He is, Here in the Heavens now with Me, and, through Him, men will begin to reject Hell, men will begin to reject the evil one, the enemy of Mine.’

I bless you with My Heart and I bless you with Truth, and through The Holy Eucharist, I promise to reach you.  So be it.”

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