ON MARCH 13, 1974 AT 8:20 PM


8:20 P.M.


“I, Saint Michael, come to you on this night and I say, ‘If you have a lot of ego within you, My Direction tonight is to wipe it away.’ If you are full of pride in what you can do, what you know, how you stand, I would say, ‘Cleanse yourself in the way of man.’ You see, My Words are direct.

So many times children say, ‘I am not prideful,’ but if they were to look into the mirror of God’s Eyes, they would see no disguise, but truth; and they would want to cleanse their whole being, so as they looked into His Eyes, they would feel a Light and see themselves glow in a beautiful sight.

Ask yourselves, My army, what sword do you carry?  Is it a sword of self-protection or a Sword of Love for Him?  Is it a Sword that can be seen by many?  It should be, but it should be the love that you extend; not love in a human form, but love in a dedicated way to Him, love in obedience to The Commands He gave, love in the Direction of Truth for all men.

Ask yourselves on this night, ‘What is love?’ Is it self-determination, preservation, or is love a service to Him?  Is love giving time, time that you hold selfish?  Is love just asking for help, or is it saying to Him: ‘I love You so much.  Let me do for You.  Thank You for the breath.  Thank You for my heart.  Thank You for the privilege of the human life’?  For remember, My children, and I, Saint Michael, shout this loudly to you, ‘The fact that you are human is a privilege far greater than you know, for the way of the human body is to come Here; first, the Soul!’ You cannot see That Part of you that God so dearly loves.  You cannot see The Part of you that was injected at the moment of conception, that you must use your will to preserve, that you must use your will to help grow.

Watch out for men who shout, ‘Sensitivity’, for they are dealing only with the senses outwardly, but when you think of sensitivity, know, that sensitivity to God’s Will should be the only sensitivity you want to grow.  Be aware of promiscuity.  Be aware of permissiveness.  Be aware of heresy and be aware of those who say they have power in your day.

I, Saint Michael, say that each child here in the room has but one power, your own will.  Keep this in mind when you hear of men who say they can heal the physical, for satan can work through them.  And when men use writing, watch out, for sometimes it can be a disastrous thing to write so profoundly.  But, when you speak, know this, that what others hear you say, they will remember clearly, especially if they feel the Light within you:  the Light of the Soul, the Light of Truth, the Beauty of Wisdom that must come from you.

When was the last time you bought something new?  Today, yesterday, or will it be tomorrow?  Ask yourself how long it will last, how long the beauty will remain?  I guarantee you, soon the glow will be gone and the memory in the past; but, That Soul that God gave you is a Special Part of you for It will live on forever, and the more that you serve The Holy Trinity, the brighter It will become.  Keep this in mind, for you see, It is not matter as you know matter to be.  This should give you strength tonight, to go your way and think of the Light.

The Light of your Soul is not like the light in the room tonight nor is it as the sun is, a ball of fire.  It is a Light designed especially one way, God’s Love; and this Particular Light will return in the degree, to the degree that your will allows it to.  If you were to have died shortly after birth and the Water was poured as It should have been, the Light of your Soul was Special; of course, in Heaven, not on earth.  Remember, as the body goes, the Light remains.  This is The Part that will show.

So, as you kneel to say your prayers, keep in mind, to pray this way says humility.  Humility is strength, whether you are alone or with mankind.  When is the last time that you prayed, kneeling by your bed, kneeling just to say, ‘Thank You, God, for the life, the physical, and every thought in my head’?  Today, did you kneel to receive Part of Him?  Today, did you kneel in thanksgiving for Him?  Today, did you kneel and say, ‘Help me, God, fight the fight’?  I know, for you see, the Power of God allows Me to know, allows Me to see, and allows Me to be near each of thee when it is necessary.

Ask yourselves on this night:  Do you believe in Saints?  Do you accept Sainthood?  Any man who says he does not is a fool, for surrounding Me in this room are Many, Many Saints.  They have already spoken to you.

And now, through this child, a Vision will be given to you, and as she so often explains to man, the Vision comes through the Eyes of the Soul.  Sometimes the Vision is so bright that the child’s physical eyes burn with Divine Light.  So if you see it, fear not.  She is accustomed to the pain, for keep in mind, that Divine Way, on human form, has to be controlled in a particular vein.  So as this child is given this Vision just for you, she will explain what she does see through the Eyes of her dear Soul.”

8:30 P.M.


There’s a chair.  The chair is, I would say, an antique gold.  It seems very dark to me and yet it has a glow.  There’s a Man; He’s smiling because I am straining.


“My beloved children, I am Peter. This child walks a path far beyond what any man does know. The child is a warrior for God and the child walks a road that many others have walked, a road that is as a tightrope for the whole world.  I will help the Vision to her sensitive Soul, for you see, her body was too weak on this night to come to thee, and Many of Us Here in the Heavens had to help her.”

Saint Peter is stepping to the side and there are Three Saints coming forward.

8:35 P.M.


“My beloved children, I am Saint Catherine of Siena.  It is sadness to Us when We must burn the eyes of this child, so that the Vision of Us will come to you clear and so worthwhile, but as she sees such a Magnificent Sight, the Power is so great, for you see, It is through Divine Light.

The world must better understand that this child walks in the way of man but is truly not of the world.  She knows this, and so oftentimes she tries to help others understand that to walk in the path of man is the way God decreed it to be.  So oftentimes, in jesting, the tiredness she has does not show, but it is only through her love for Him that she is sustained to deliver to you and the whole world, His Will, His Way, the means and the manner needed in your day.

Another Saint desires to speak.  Let it be known, the Words that She says are not what you might expect to hear, but the Power in Them will be quite clear.”

8:37 P.M.


“My beloved children, I am Saint Teresa of Avila.  I come through this child on this night with a Power you cannot see, you cannot know, but I say to you: ‘Follow the Beauty and the Glow, follow The Holy Trinity, and do not let other men force you to bend into promiscuity.  Stand on your own two feet and stand firm in what you know is God’s Will for the whole world.’

I shout this from the Heavens. This child will be weak when she leaves this room, but I must shout and say, ‘Why do you allow men to lead you astray?’

I bless you with His Love and I say, ‘Leave, but do not forget that you, on this night, heard Heaven say: “Lean on no man.  Lean only on God in your day.”’  So be it.”

8:39 P.M.


“My beloved children, I am Joan, Joan of Arc.  I, too, suffered the blasphemies of men.  I, too, suffered the mockery of men.  I, too, led men into fight.  I, too, led men in what was right.  I, too, am now very evident in This Great Miracle for The Beloved Saint Joseph, and I, too, come through this child often, for you see, she walks a path parallel to We Three.  She walks a path parallel to Many, Many men Saints and she walks a path parallel to, yes, The Son Who walked Divine Way.

Oh, My children, if you but knew the sacrifice, the penance due, the reparation that must be made, to give to the world Strength.  Say the Holy Rosary.  Let it be heard throughout the world.  Let men know you stand in Faith, for you see, Faith, not fate, will lead you to God’s Feet one day.  So be it.”

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