ON MAY 10, 1974 AT 8:47 PM


“My beloved sons and My beloved daughters, I am Saint Therese of Lisieux.  So oftentimes the child, in weariness, says, ‘God, can’t You speak without me tonight, today?’ And the child, in weariness, obeys.  Oftentimes when I walked the earth, I would say to The Father at night, ‘I have not done a full day, time, but I am weary; if I could only have You in my sight.’ Oh, My children, the child walks in a weariness you cannot know, but I, Saint Therese, come to give you the strength to walk, to love, and to show the beauty of the privilege of the human way.  Keep this in mind.

So many children have read the book of Mine.  So many children do not understand the magnitude of the will of man.  I did, when I walked the earth, and now I come through a child to give you the Beauty, worthwhile, of being man.  Take the will that you have and use it to the fullest each day, and remember, it will be through this will that you will accept truth or untruth today, tomorrow and the next.

There are so few teachers today in your time.  There are so many men not willing to accept What is Divine.  There are many heresies all around, many false prophets walking around; many children accepting cults, for you see, it is an easier way to walk than to accept the Truth of The Holy Trinity.

There are men diminishing, firsthand, the privilege that it is to be priests among men.  And now, I, Therese, say to you, ‘If The Father wanted a daughter to accept the role that The Son took, He Himself would have placed her in this spot, not you.’ Keep this in mind.  The daughter’s place, a special one, the helper of The Heavenly One.  The son’s place, oh yes, the one who has the Power to Change.  Remember, he follows The Son in a special range.  Keep this in mind, for men are diminishing the beauty of the Priesthood and the magnitude of Motherhood.  They are also diminishing the Beauty of Grace and the Beauty of that Special Place, Sainthood, for the Soul, for the body one day.

Ask yourselves, My children:  Will your will accept tomorrow, what is good?  Will your will help you to Here Where I am?  Will your will reject temptation?  Will your will accept the beauty of purity?  Will your will allow you to be so self-disciplined that you will be able to not accept what other men want you to?  Keep in mind that only the weakness that you have can satan seep into, and through this he will conquer your will.  You have the privilege.  What will you do?  What is your will?  Ask yourselves on this night.  It is a great part of you.

Tonight, men are lying in hospitals with the will to live, the will to die.  Some men are suffering mental torture with the will to live, the will to die, and some men are fighting a terrible temptation at this moment, with the will to give in or the will to reject.

I say to you now, I am Therese of Lisieux, ‘What will you do with the will God gave you?’ Profound, yet simple, one little word, four letters long, and yet it is this word that will cause you to either accept Sainthood, or be damned by the one who hates Him.  Keep this in mind, My children, satan works on all those who love The Divine.  If he has you, watch out.  There is yet a chance.  If you are in earnest and fight him every day, you will find Sainthood waiting for you one day.

I cannot bless you with a priestly love nor with the power, but I can bless you with the Light of Hope, for you see, through This Great Miracle, We, The Saints in Heaven, have been given the privilege to bless you with the Power of Light, Hope, Love, Truth, Obedience, and yes, that little Spark to spark your will to follow the Light.  Oh, My children, be aware of the will you have, for it could destroy you, or it could bring you Here to Sainthood, Where I am.  So be it.”

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