ON JUNE 29, 1974


“My beloved children, I am a Saint High in the Heavens and I am a Saint Whom you all know.  I am a Saint Who has not yet been proclaimed ‘a Saint’ by man.  I am Padre Pio.

Many men love My Name, love to hear My voice, and I say, ‘I come through this child today to give to the world God’s Love.’ Her way is a parallel to Mine and the Words that come through her, truly from The Divine.  She is not a priest.  I was.  She is a woman in the world, but an instrument for Divine Will in every way.  My way was the way of the confessional; My way was the way of the Sacrifice God gave.  Hers is the sacrifice of human role, the physical life men know.

I come through this child softly today, for the Power that must come through is a different way.  Sometimes I shout and she says, ‘God, take Him away,’ for every fiber of her body pounds with My Love for The Father and My gratitude to Him for giving Me the chosen way.

I walked in unbearable pain, but what men do not know is there were many things never written, many things never shown, but today I come and tell you about a special time.  It is written up differently than the whole meaning was at the time.

When it came time for surgery to be, I would not allow the anesthesia to come my way, for I never wanted anything to interfere with my will, regarding The Father’s Way.  But the pain that I received tore me apart and I fell into that way where the will was evident, and yet I could not speak out to the one who was above me.  But my reason was different than most men think, for when the will is inactive, caused by physical means, satan sometimes desires to enter and I did not want this.  It was satan I was fighting even at that time, I want you to know this; but when the truth is known, the men of the physical road had to inspect.  They could not control their curiosity, but the one thing I thank The Father for yet on this day, was that during that time He allowed no evil to enter on my part.

Men lack self-discipline, they lack control.  It is only with union with The Father’s Will that men will understand the beauty of giving in the way of man.  Control the mental.  Control the curiosity, and when you do, you will better understand.  Now bear this in mind:  Relax the physical, control the mental, and enjoy the Spiritual.  So be it.”

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