ON AUGUST 7, 1974 AT 11:15 AM


“There are so many facets of The Miracle Of Saint Joseph and there are so many areas through which This Great Miracle gives to the world all that is right.

And I, Catherine Laboure, say through a child such as you: ‘Remember, that to walk in your day is special to God, not just for you, for your very existence must be example to all mankind, and your very existence must extend your Soul to The Divine.  Every thought you have, every desire you know, every need you feel, must have within it The Commandments that He gave a long time ago.’

There is no man in the earth, on the earth, physical that is, who could deliver to the world the Words, by the millions, that flow through this child each day of every year.  There is no human being given to the world who has the knowledge, the wisdom, to pour forth immediately, constantly, consistently and so fluidly, the Aims of The Father.  So I, Catherine Laboure say: ‘Understand that the Greatest Miracle in the world is coming your way today.  It is coming through the human source, the human means and the manner in which you can understand the Direction, not a dream.’

So bear in mind that when you leave this place, you are a trinity as you walk as mankind:  the physical you see, the Soul you must be aware of, and the Guardian Angel that The Father gave at the moment of conception is there, always ready to intervene.  And, do not forget, My little ones, one of the greatest Gifts you have is the will, for you see, your will can cause you to walk a logical road and a very beautiful physical road:  a road of Faith, a road of trust in God’s Way; but, your will can also draw you away if you allow temptation, weakness, to draw you from the Light of the Truth that He sends you today.

Be aware of those who have Great Blessings from The Father.  Be aware, for remember that only He can give the Gifts, the Light, the Hope; and sometimes He allows it to be when a child’s Faith is so strong, and sometimes He allows a Miracle to happen to help all Souls.

So, be mindful of this day, and remember as you leave this path of ground, All the things that I did say, for as you do, you will grow stronger in Light, hope and love; and as you do, bear in mind, that the Words you have heard truly came from The Divine.  So be it.”

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