ON AUGUST 14, 1974 AT 11:18 AM


“My children, it is truly I, your Heavenly Mother, Who speaks through this child, and I do say: ‘Be aware of all the things God gives you every day, and be aware of the Beauty of being a Saint, for to wear a Crown Here means you will see His Face, and when you do, All Heaven will glow, for every time a Soul comes Here to show, The Father beams with happiness and the Angels smile and sing, and All the Heavens ring with welcome for another Soul Who walked the path, and yes, Who made it through the beauty of obedience to The Commandments, and Who reached Purity to enter the Gates Where I am.’

There are so many children in the world who do not know of This Great Miracle, and I, your Heavenly Mother, come through this child today and say, ‘If they do not know, make them aware of It, for I appeared many times in the world to bring This Miracle to you today.’ And one time He was allowed to appear to a child a long time ago, in the private of a moment, and as He Blessed the world, there was more meaning in this Blessing than was ever truly told, for He held The Baby in His Arms, and through the Power of This Baby He gave His Blessing to the world, and in the Blessing it was thusly: ‘I give to The Father My whole Life.  I give to The Son My Dedication, and I give to The Holy Ghost My Will for all time.’1  So be it.”

1  Refers to The Miracle Of Fatima, when Saint Joseph appeared in the Vision with Our Lady of Fatima and Blessed the world three times, in prophecy of the time to come for The Miracle Of Saint Joseph.

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