ON JANUARY 5, 1975 AT 2:15 PM



I see a mass of grass and it seems to be blowing, first one way and then the next, and it seems to be fields and fields and fields of the same grass.  It is green but it seems to be slowly turning, and now it is gold.

Our Lady seems to be coming down to just above the grass.  She’s radiant and a Vision to behold.  She stands just above the weaving grass and the grass is about two feet high.

Her dress is a little deeper than a powder blue and She wears a Crown, and the Crown is all mother-of-pearl.  The Crown is highlighted by the rainbow of mother-of-pearl.  And the blue, in back of Her, is deeper than Her gown.  The gold is deepening and the Crown is becoming brighter, glistening.  And Her gown seems to glow, and Her Hands are just beautiful.  The Vision is so bright it hurts my eyes.


“My beloved children, it is truly I, your Heavenly Mother, Who speaks. This child has endured many, many Visions of Me and of The Beloved Saints Who stand Here in the Heavens. The child has endured many ecstasies of different degrees.  I come to the earth in a manner different than you know Visions to be, but I come as evident through this child as any Vision has ever been of Me.

As I look around and I see the weaving, back and forth, of the blades of grass, I picture them as the Souls upon earth, going back and forth, not knowing which decision to make:  to follow the right, the good, the truth, or the evil, the bad and the untruth.  I have come to the earth through this child, to steady the weaving of the grass, and to give each child Hope, Light, Love, Direction, Truth, that will last.

You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and the Strength that is shown through This Great Miracle is truly of The Divine.  Men must listen.  Men must work.  Men must pray.  Men must serve for this Great City of The Beloved Father in the world.  Men who stand in doubt must try to see.  Men who stand in fear must turn to The Holy Trinity, and men who stand in weakness must ask for Faith.

Men who listen to the screaming sounds of the world must learn that only satan screams, only the demons have to talk so loudly.  The Father is of such a Magnitude that He gives simply, quietly, His Will.  He is firm, He is direct, but He does not scream.  Only the evil one does this.

And I, your Heavenly Mother, come to the earth to say, ‘One of the greatest hardships for the evil one to bear is that he is no longer an Angel Here, nor is he man with any hope or plan to return Here.’ One of the things The Father gave him was a partial body.  It was part of his punishment.  And that is why he is shown in such an ugly manner, and that is one of the reasons he hates man so much.  Man can go to The Father with the body.

I am your Heavenly Mother.  I am The Queen of Heaven, and I am Divine.  I was sent to the earth, to bear The Son to open the Gates.  I stand, oftentimes, waiting for children to come.  I have come to the earth once again, to announce to all mankind, ‘The Father is doing everything to draw man to The Divine.’ And through This Great Miracle, Heaven-sent, men will have to learn to earn that one step, from a wandering way, to the peace inside the Gate.

I bless you with a Mother’s Love and I bless you with Hope, and I bless you with the Light, through a Miracle, God-given, God designed, God created, from The Divine.  So be it.”

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