ON FEBRUARY 6, 1975 AT 12:15 AM


“I have given many men a chance to follow, in a direct line, My Love for mankind.  I chose men to follow a given path, to dedicate their lives to all that is good, all that I love, all that I have, All that I Am, and all that I hope for them.  Some men have been sidetracked.  They have walked off the path of truth.  They have been diverted by their ego, and yes, by the mere fact that they felt their talents were greater than the ones they were able to express in a given way; so they, in their own way, through their own will, chose another path, a path on which they felt they could express, expound what they could feel would give to the world something for the men of all kinds, races, colors, creeds, to relate to.

I am The Father.  I am The Creator.  I am your God.  And I say, through a small child, to the world, ‘Through the voice that is hers, the Power is Mine; through the love that is hers for The Divine, but with the Love and the Will of Mine, I express to the whole of mankind My Will.’ Men of all ages, all ways, all types, must understand that I have given a Definite Plan.

I gave men opportunity, I gave men ways.  I gave men wisdom, I gave men knowledge.  I gave men Rules, I gave men a Church.  I gave men a path, a way, a means, a manner, a direction and a drive, to desire perfection.  I gave men Stories to read, to listen to:  Stories of what was, what took place.  I gave men other children to relate to, other paths to follow.  I gave men Visions with Great Messages.  I gave men hope in many things.  I gave man stability.  I gave man reality.

I give man a Miracle to live by and to be guided by, to have strength through, for I know that the Gifts I have given, the Love I have shown, the Direction I have taught is sometimes not able for men to know.  They feel it is too much, and in My Flexibility, I extend many ways, many means, many manners, many Lights, many Directions, many Degrees of Faith, many Degrees of Light, many colors in this Light, for men to connect to.

Today, in the world, I give a Miracle.  It bears a Name.  The Name is of a Son Who walked a given Plan in obedience to Divine Will and in a manner of trust, for a higher degree to be attained, for the Will of Mine to be accomplished, sustained and consummated for the good of all mankind; to remain upon the earth in a manner men could understand, could accept, could follow, and, oh yes, to love.

I have given mankind a Part of Myself.  I have given them the human guidance, the human way.  I taught them what the beauty of humility could be.  I gave them a standard to live by, morality.  I gave the world, through a Son of Mine, through Others Who were Divine, the motivation to come Here for all time.  I not only opened the Heavens but I gave men the path, the means, the way, the assurance, and I say, ‘It was My Love for My Creations, it was My Hope for children of all nations.’

I speak in a language you understand.  I speak in a manner that you can comprehend.  I speak with desire in My Voice and hope in My Way, that all of mankind will come Here one day.  I speak, not of a false way, but of a deliberate Truth, a Light that only I can give mankind in any day.  Follow what is good, follow what is right, purify yourselves, and know, that the scale of life and of love, purity and impurity will be balanced by the Justice I am known for and I am of.

Men have forgotten the beauty of sincerity, the beauty of clarity.  Men seek progress for only themselves, and I say to all mankind, ‘Progress must have gain else it would become just experience, but bear in mind, progress in My Name always brings Me Souls.’

This child walks in the world but is not of it.  Her Tasks:  to drive men to victory, to give them the motivation to seek Sainthood; but, in this Task that has so many facets to it, she must keep in mind at all times, the good of all men’s Souls.  Men have learned to relax with her, and yet they instinctively know there is a barrier they cannot cross, that they must adhere to.

I am your Father.  I am your Love.  I am your Creator.  I am truly Above. This child must be seen throughout the world, and this child is more than an instrument.  She is the puppet, she is the link, she is the light that the world is stimulated by, that the world feels motivation in, and that men who surround her, feel it is wrong to sin.

I Am The Holy King.  I Am All Things.  I love My children, and the little one that I use is weaker physically than men know and men see, and much protection has to be.  I have oftentimes Blessed the world through her.  I love you.  I have given you a sacrificial lamb for you to understand My Will.  So be it.”

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