ON APRIL 24, 1975 AT 7:30 PM


“I have sent forth upon the earth a child to stand in Direction for, in, with, My Will.  Each moment of the day I use this child to distribute My Words, to enable others to learn My Way according to My Will.  Sometimes the child tries to get Me to diminish the Magnitude of what I Will, for she understands that I am All Powerful, All Means, All Manner, All Matter, All Way, but I always gain My Point, and the child succumbs totally to Me and what I Will in your day.

Blasphemy is a horrid thing for blasphemy denounces, and in its derogatory way, diminishes the Dignity of The Divinity, those whom I choose to walk My Way, and in many instances, men.  Indignities to a chosen child come in many phases, phrases, degrees, means, ways, manners, and through many areas of the vocations of physical life.  Since this child’s conception, the one through whom I speak, many errors, blasphemies, indignities have been acted in, upon, to, for and with.

Now I will make an announcement to the world through This Miracle of Light, and by Light I mean Wisdom, Truth, with no compromise in It, no pacifying in It.  This Great Miracle is to give mankind not only Proof, but Path of Divine Love, Beauty of Divine Love, Sincerity in Divine Love, Flexibility of the manner in which Divine Love is extended to man: a child in the world but not of it; a child totally dedicated to Divine Love, not aware of the Magnitude of It, only the Beauty It is and the sense of Direction It is for mankind.

I, your Father, speak through a child and I say, ‘What is your interpretation of The God Whom I Am?’ In Hope and in Love I say, ‘I desire it to be your acknowledgment of a Higher Being, One you do not understand, but One in Which, for Which, through Which, you accept the Beauty of Divine Mystery.’

Next, I ask you, ‘What is Faith?’ I would like you to say, ‘My sincere love for The One Who created me, my sincere hope that I will one day return Where I began, how I began, and in the Love that created me.’

Faith, My children, is hope; Faith is strength, Faith is light; Faith is childishness in, to, with, Divine Way, Will.  Faith is a Gift I instill.  Faith is a manner men use and a means men use to grow in enlightenment for the Soul.  The world expects much when they depend upon Faith.  I say now, ‘Depend upon what Faith realizes for you:  Eternity with Me.’

The next question I say and I want you to think about is this: ‘What is hope?’ Hope is a human need, a human force that gives strength, whether the need be physical, mental or Spiritual.  I send Hope to the world through a Son, Joseph.  I once before sent Hope.  I do it again in a language you understand, in a way you can comprehend, and in a manner easy for all men.

Now I say, ‘Why do more men not love Me?’ Are they so adequate with all the worldly measures, things, ways?  Do they feel so justified in accepting the human determination, translation, that they do not need Divine Revelation in every day?

Thousands upon thousands, thousands and more children in the world are becoming bored with the lack of new things to know.  I am a God of repetition.  I am a God that knows men must repeat again and again so they will be able to have strength against all human blows, errors.

I have Blessed many times, all children in the world, through this child I use.  I bless them once again to give them strength to carry on in decency, dignity, modesty, prudence, for you see, these things are the foundations for the Soul.

I bless you, I love you, and I want the whole world to know of This Great Miracle that was a long time ago foretold.  So be it.”

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