ON JUNE 17, 1975 AT 3:50 PM


“I repeat, Peter oftentimes said to Me, ‘Mother, as You were His Mother, You must be ours.’ So many children throughout the world must know that I was The Mother of The Son of God.  I am The Mother of all children.  I am not just Heavenly inspired, but I am Divine in every way and I am of The Father, for one day you will see My Kingdom Here in many ways.

Peter would come to My home.  He would say to Me: ‘I know He is on a Throne.  Tell me of the Throne He sits upon.  Tell me so I can help others know.’ I would say to him, ‘Peter, children of all time will never truly understand the Magnitude of the Throne upon which He sits for all mankind, but in the world and in the time, men will be given definite times to learn of the Beauty of Him.’

And now, My children, you partake in a particular, definite period of time wherein The Father’s Heart says to all mankind: ‘Come to Me.  I created you.  I love you.  I seek you out.’

Oh, My beloved children, I am truly your Heavenly Mother, and I did, in many ways, give strength to the men whom He left behind, so they would be able to teach mankind the Beauty of Heavenly Ways.  I come once again to teach men how to teach others, what to give to others, and how to help other men learn of the privilege, the way and the means of why they were born as men.

Peter would sometimes come to the place where I was and he would say, ‘As You have been always full of Grace, teach me to be that way.’ And I would lovingly smile at him in a mother’s way and say: ‘Peter, do His Will.  Give His Will to all men who come your way.  Go forth into the world and send the Message of Light to their hearts, to their minds, to their bodies, and you will find that in this manner of teaching, this Light of Love, this Delivery of Hope, men will truly come Above.  And do not forget, Peter, that as you were chosen for a Particular Task, many men thereafter will be chosen to give the same words, the same way, in a manner of speaking, a manner of action, a manner of thought, and in a way of charity.’

And now, My children, I say to you, ‘You partake in a Miracle, as others must do.’ You uphold, you withstand, and you deliver unto man, The Father’s Will firsthand.  Do not anticipate any action you take, but look to the answer through prayer and do as Peter once did:  stand before Me and say to Me, ‘Mother, what next?’ for there are many thousands of Souls to be saved, many children to be helped, much good to be done, and many Facts to be given to the world, for the Souls’ sake.  You must walk for the good of Souls.  You must walk in the Light of The Father, and you must desire love, His Way, to deliver to other men, for you see, you must love Me.  I am your Mother.

I bless you from the Heavens and I say to you now: ‘As I once Blessed the Apostles that walked with Him, I bless you from Above.  I bless you with Honor, Dignity and Hope.  I bless you with Love, a Mother’s Way.’ And, do not forget that the manner in which you walk has a greater scope than you know, for it is throughout the world for all men to see, for all men to want the Beauty of seeing, one day, The Holy Trinity.  So be it.”

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