ON SEPTEMBER 9, 1975 AT 11:00 PM


“I want the whole world to picture the daily life of the individual.  Now I want the whole world of mankind to imagine a great door of magnificent size, shutting out the world and enclosing themselves in the world of Mine.  Let Us now see what obvious Beauties, Gifts and Advantages are behind these doors.  First, everything the world cannot offer, Eternity with Me:  the Beauty and Glory of Whom I Am, How I Am, What I Am.  Second, All of Eternity with Me.  In reality, no man would want to leave What is behind this great door of Spirituality.

I have placed upon the earth a child; perhaps not a child as men think one to be, but most certainly a child of Me, to Me, for Me.  I have entrusted many obligations, many burdens, many privileges, never a substitute for this child, in My Honor, in My Way, in My Light, and in Whom I Am.  I am more than The Father of mankind; I am The Creator of, for the direct path for all subjects to Me, all subject to Me, all subjective to My Will.

I announce through this child as she stands in such a natural form, living through breathing, service through living, and giving through service:  My Wisdom, My Light, My Direction and Hope for all of My world, all of My Souls, all of My Love for mankind.  Prior to this Great Announcement that I have given to the world a Miracle of Light, I allowed men to see the world in what they term ‘a normal light’.  But now, in True Essence, I shine forth through Wisdom in Teaching via a simple form, the sound, fundamental, basic Logic that I established, the One True Denomination of Faith, Structure of Spiritual growth, for the whole world.

The child through whom I speak is about to journey on a commission of My Love for the world.  Her pleading to restrict this journey to a particular length of time, to constrict this journey to another time, has been ignored by Me, because I am aware of the tremendous conflict in the world I created:  the conflict of substantial, fundamental, obligatory Truths, against the shallow, negative, impetuous, perverted miscalculation of factual, productive paths to Eternal Strengths, Light and Goals.

The child is more subject to Me than any man knows.  She bears well a facade of worldly measure, worldly love, for it is My Will it be done this way, for mankind to understand and to be happy in the way of man.  But, in behalf of her place, she stands in an aloneness, reflecting only the Gift of My Grace.  Seldom have I chosen such a victim.  Seldom have I come to the world so openly, so naturally, so lovingly, so productively, as I do in the time in which you live.

Men say, ‘God.’ Others say, ‘Sanctity.’ Groups pronounce infidelity.  Segments of mankind cringe with the faculties that other men must show:  a Strength, a Faith, in Faith, for Faith, with Faith.  Men shout, ‘Why her, why not me?’ And I, The Father, say: ‘In creating All Things I left nothing amiss or out.  In, not just sanctioning a child’s path, but choosing it to be, I would see that all the things necessary would be to the advantage of the Souls I wanted to return to Me; not to conquer, but to return with a love and a desire of necessity.’

I have Blessed the world.  I bless it again and again through a child so subservient to Me that she knows no other way but to accept the beckon of My Call without question; to walk where no men would walk, knowing there could be deception; never questioning My Reason nor My Will, but oftentimes crying out through the aloneness she feels, the stillness of the air, the suffocation of My Love, that span in the funnel between Heaven and earth, unbearable to accept, impossible to know, and yet accepting in Faith, the Beauty of Me alone.

I bless the whole world through This Gift of Love, and I reach out to all men and I say, ‘Cling to My Garment, respond to My Will, respect Whom I Am, and be aware that as I created All Things I have never allowed man, left man to be alone in only despair.’ I project Hope in the manner I know it must be, and today I hand Hope to the world, Blessed by a Name dear to Me:  a Part of Myself, a Creation of Mine, Joseph, Who, yes, arrived from The Purely Divine, accepted His Mission for the good of mankind, and Who now permeates the world with the Wisdom of The Divine.  So be it.”

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