ON APRIL 12, 1976 AT 9:00 PM


“My beloved children, I speak to you, not from around the world for I am with you in your part of the world.  I am The Creator of the world so I have the advantage to move where I am, where I please, where I desire to be, for I am All Parts of the earth and the earth is All Parts of Me.  As things grow upon the earth, so does My Love, so does My Gift of Creativity.  As things become in a motion way, they are of Me.  I am Motivation, I am Motion, I am Exactness, I am Truth, I am Balance.  Remember this.

You work, perhaps in the blindness of Faith.  I am the Blindness of Faith, and in Me the Blindness is My Love for you no matter what you do, the Flexibility of which I am, the Hope that I am, the Love that I am.  Men put a great emphasis on love, but I, your Father, come to you today, in your day and your time, in your position of life and in your effort to please Me.

Time is timeless to Me, but what about the time you spend awakening in the morning to the light of the day, to the motion of the day, to the activation of the day, the motivation of the day, the perpetuation of the day, the procedure of the day; do you not think of Me?  for it is I Who have given you this day.

Some men never think of Me in this way, but remember, when the light flickers it presents to you the dawn of a new day, and in the dawn of a new day much can occur, for your body reacts to the light, the light of the day you react to.  Then can you not react to the Light of Me, the Love I have for each of thee?  Remember, when you awaken you feel the light of the day, and many of you say it is in this great moment:  the step of light, this activation of light, that you feel the most strength; and as the light dwindles through the day, you become tired.

Oh, My children, can you not put the parallel in your life, what light is in your day, what light is to you?  Then, does it not make reason to you that the Light of your Soul makes Me respond to the beauty I presented upon the earth through you?  The Light of your Soul is My Love, My Communication, and as It grows brighter than when I gave It, I say, ‘Ah, the child knows I am Hope, I am Love, I am a Light.’

That is why I sent forth to the world this child who sees only the brightness of things, loves only the brightness of things, for in the brightness of all things there is life, there is hope, there is generosity, there is meaning, there is motivation, there is activation, there is projection.

Oh, My children, I speak in a natural tone.  I speak in a natural way, in a natural means, through this child who is totally submissive to Me.  I have jested many times, through her, about her littleness, but I, your Father, say on this day, ‘Without the jesting you could not relax under the Power I Am and in the distinct Ray of My Hope for you.’ I, your Father, say, ‘If there was no lightness to the Light, men could not stand the Power and the Pressure of the Ray.’

I have picked a child in a lonely position, a lonely spot, and through her I am illuminated to the world in My Love, My Hope, My Desire, My Will, and the Goal I chose for each man to reach.  Every fiber of this child’s body speaks, every cell of her being reacts to Me, and through the reaction to Me, she must act accordingly.

You say, ‘God, You speak in my tongue, You speak in the manner I understand.’ And I say to you, ‘Ah, did I not create man, did I not give men the distinct difference of place, of time, of action?’ There is an excitement in action, in difference.  Can you not see this?  But the Goal is the same.  If all men spoke the same language, if all men looked the same, would there not be a lack of activity, a lack of motivation?  But yet, I have created all men in the same form, and yet look differently.  Then, would I not take this and put them with a different sound so they could be alive with love, hope, understanding, and see the Magnitude of My Creations?

One man I created like the sea:  turbulent, excitable, motion, determined.  Another man I put as the desert:  solid, monotone, stable, colorful, firm, and with the slight shifting, giving the activation a scene; and then I gave the other man the power of life to drive others on, the power of growth, and the desire to show that from a seed much will grow.

Did I not make men to the Image and Likeness of Me?  And did I not give men the parallel to all I created, and make men the parallel of this?  Ah yes, I did.  Think about it.  I do not ask you to understand it.  You cannot; for, you take one man, he is placid; one man, he is motivated by something, ah, he sees.  One man is activated by intelligence.  Another man is given the beauty to create happiness for others to see.  And through all this, men use these great things, these Gifts I have given, for immorality.  I am your Father.  I say, ‘Turn all things into the beauty of the Goal I have presented them, for all men to see and for all men to pay Homage and Glory to Me.’

I Am The Father.  I Am The Giver.  I Am The Light.  I Am The Hope, I Am The Desire, I Am The Goal, for men to return all things to Me.  All children in the world must learn to love Me.  They must learn to see that a Higher Being, of Which I Am, Whom I Am, gave Light, gave Love, gave Hope, Sacrifice, and Learning and Teaching for men to better grasp what this physical life is all about.

I did not say to a tree, ‘If you produce many trees I will honor you, I will glorify you.’ Ah, no.  I gave the tree to the earth for many things.  I gave the tree to the earth to stabilize the earth, to give beauty to the earth, ah, and to give men the woods for shelter, to give men the fruit to sustain themselves, and to give men the beauty of fruitfulness I intended for them to use and to see.

I gave you the sea.  I gave you the waters for all different purposes.  I gave you the water to balance things.  I gave you the fluid of life.  I gave you All Things I Am, in a distinctive manner, in a manner of distinction.  I gave you Part of Me.

And I now request upon the earth that this child stand for What I Am, Whom I Am, and how I want men to be.  The Mission is difficult, burdensome, lonely and perpetual, but in the world men are insensitive to Whom I Am, insensitive to What I have given, insensitive to What I request, insensitive to the Goal I demand and I command for them.  Through this child I give Whom I Am.  I am not subject to you.  I am The Creator of you.  I am The Creator of the world, and I have come lovingly through a child such as you, to once again give you the chance to better understand what you are all about, and for you to return to Me.

I bless you in My Name and I bless you with My Heart, and I bless you with The Sacrifice of Life I have laid upon the earth, I have given to the earth, and I have allowed to stay upon the earth, which men are destroying at this moment; and I bless you with The Light Whom I Am.  So be it.”

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