ON JUNE 27, 1976 AT 2:44 PM


“At the moment of conception, the life of the cells is the life of God.  At the moment of conception, as the cells meet, God preordained these cells would form a human body.  At this moment of life, there are many things in the formation of these cells:  the form of a body, consisting of a mind, a brain, a heart, a motor.  The insides of a human form all take form so that the physical can move upon the earth, can live upon the earth.  But along with this, God plants other things.

First of all, He places the Unknown, the Soul that will never be seen, only through the reflection of the physical actions.  He places a will, He places a personality, He places a nature, He places desire, He places hope, He places Faith, He places intellect, He places all the things that will help this body act upon the earth.

I am Saint Gerard, and if I were to walk into this room as a man, you would not see my Soul, you would not see my will, you would not see my personality, you would not see all the things I just mentioned to you.  But through my actions of my physical, I would reflect all the things I am.

My body lives, my Soul never dies; but, when my body dies, my Soul must return to Him.  So then, how can you say that the body is the Soul?  The Soul is an Important Part of the body, as the will is, and of course, the Soul is the Highest Part of any man’s body.  The Soul you cannot see, but The Father in the Heavens has made you conscious of the fact that you have a Soul, a Portion of yourself you cannot see, but that Portion of yourself that grows with your Faith, your hope, your love, with your vocation of life.

The Soul is a Light of His Love, blended with the light of your life, your love.  The Soul is the Portion of you, the Part of you that will return, will never die.  The body itself is not the Soul.  It would be imperfect then, for no body is perfect.  The Soul is God’s Light, the Spirit of Love of God.  The Soul must return to Him, and He will have to wait for that body, and so will you, until Judgment Day.  Does that make sense to all of you?  So be it.”

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