ON JANUARY 21, 1977 AT 1:24 PM


“My beloved children, I have interrupted many, many, many meals experienced by children put upon the earth to serve The Holy Trinity.  And at this time, the time of meal, the time of food, I say to you throughout the world, ‘There is a Greater Food upon the earth, and that is The Son of Me:  the Strength, the Hope, the Beauty, and yes, the Stability for all men to one day see the Physical View, the Eternal View of The Holy Trinity.’

Oh, My children, let My Words ring throughout the world.  Let men who diminish This Great Miracle of the Body and Blood of The One Who walked with Me hear the Words that all men must return to The Blessed, The Beloved, The Holy Trinity.

This child, set forth upon the earth, is as a prophet of many years ago, many centuries, many areas of time.  We walked the earth and We relayed to all of mankind the Desire of The Father for things to be seen, things to be followed, things to be heard, things to remain upon the earth for every time of every man’s life.

It is once again in the world.  Through this child comes Direction, through this child comes Inflection, through this child comes the Beauty and the Purpose of life.  Men say, ‘It could happen, but why her?’ I, your Heavenly Mother say: ‘Why not her?  Why not this child whom God has chosen?  Why do you reject another one?  Because it is not you who has been chosen to walk this path for everyone?’

Oh, My children throughout the world, you are but children in the Eyes of God.  You are but creations of Him, and I say to you quite aloud, ‘Remember, you are subject to Him above all things.’ And the weaknesses of the senses are the means that the evil one uses against you, so you will work against The Father through these things, through these means; through these, what you call ‘needs’.

These senses can be put to great progress for the good of your Soul, great beauty for the good of your way.  And these senses that The Father has given you, you say are normal senses; they adjust to what you see and what you hear and what you say.

And I, your Mother say, I, The Heavenly Queen, The Mother for all mankind, say to you on this day: ‘This Great Miracle of Hope is not a dream.  It is the deliverance of Many Things from The Father, to teach men of all kinds the Beauty of Him, the Purpose of life, and to look to the senses of life as the means to Him.’ When you talk, when you hear, when you walk, when you feel, when you see, oh, My children, be aware of Him.

Many men walk around in a facade of greatness, in a facade of truth, in a facade of sensitivity.  And I, your Heavenly Mother, come to the world and I say: ‘They walk in misgivings, they walk in a covering of truth, hoping that they will be seen, not God; hoping they will be felt, not God; hoping they will be able to instill in others how they are, what they are, who they are.  They are eliminating The Father from all things upon the earth.’ Men say, ‘It is the time in which we live,’ and I, your Heavenly Mother say, ‘There is no time different than another time.’

It is sadness Here in the Heavens when The Father cannot say to All of Us: ‘This is a blessed time in the world.  This is a time where all children seek out My Love, seek only Me Who is Above.’ It is a sadness when We look at The Father and We say, ‘Oh, Heavenly One, oh, King of all men, oh, Almighty One, please guide them more strongly so they will not see the untruths around and believe they are truth.’ And He says to Us, with the Humility of Light, the Power of Humility and the Hope that is in Humility: ‘The children I have given the means and the way.  I have given them the power to decide, through what men call “will”, to say “Yes” or “No”.’

There are many false men upon the earth who say they have the power to forgive, they have the power to instill, they have the power to enlighten everyone.  And I, your Heavenly Mother say, ‘There is no power upon the earth by The Father, only through specific chosen ones, and they are few in number.’ And I also say to you, My little ones, that those who are running around with the powers of light are looking for self-satisfaction, self-delight, self-purpose, self-reliance, and they want all men to see them as great.

Oh, My little children, I say to you in the world: ‘Be aware of all that is wrong.  Be aware of satan for he announces himself strong, but he is not as strong as the love is that this child has for The Holy Father, The Father of all mankind, and the Beloved Ones Here in the Divine.  So, be assured that This Miracle of Strength is stronger than anyone in the world; and stronger than satan, as you have seen through This Revelation I have spoken to you today.’

I bless you with a Mother’s Love and I say, ‘Do not fear the Strength in This Great Miracle for you are working with The Protector of Me, The Tabernacle of the Church; and you are working for This Beloved Saint Who will defy all of satan’s approaches.  And through this child He will be seen, He will be known, and He will become what He is Here in the Heavens — The Greatest Saint God ever created.’ So be it.”

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